Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Daring Prince Dashing - a bookwrap

I think this is a book that kids will truly love.  Who doesn't want to be a carefree spirit and try daring new stunts and have awesome adventures that are the talk of the kingdom?  Well this is just what Prince Dashing does... 


Authored by Marilou T. Reeder

Illustrated by Karl West

Ages 4 -7

Unwrapping the illustrations for you to take a peek...

About the book...

Evel Knievel move over...Prince Dashing is on the move.  He loves living on the edge as he toasts his marshmallows by dragon's breath and dares to bath in the castle moat filled with hungry crocodiles!  Nothing is too scary or out-of-bounds for this daredevil.  

The palace hosts an ice cream social and it's there that Prince Dashing meets his match... an appealing girl who loves having fun and fearless escapades just as much as he does.  He is totally smitten and at the stroke of bedtime she zooms off leaving her "stick-thingy" (pogo stick) which the Prince scoops up and...

"The next morning after a breakfast of rattlesnake eggs with Whoopin' Hot Sauce, Prince Dashing made an announcement:

The girl who can make the right sound with this stick-thingy will be an honored guest at my birthday party.  I shall roam the kingdom to find her...while blindfolded."  Oh my!

Stumbling along, bumping into this and that, and calling out, "Oh stick girl!" he finally trips into a zoo. The animals are no help in his search for his friend and finally a sign is posted which might be the key to finding her.  Will it work?  Will the girl notice it and get her stick-thingy back again?  

Zing-Boing!     Zing-Boing!    Zing-Boing!    Zing-Boing! worked!  

This book is delightful and kids will adore the funny twist on the classic fairytale Cinderella.  Highly recommended.

About the author...

Marilou was born in the Philippines and raised in Wisconsin, and considers herself a Midwesterner at heart. A former technology consultant, she graduated from the University of Notre Dame and holds a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from West Chester University. Today she resides outside of Philadelphia, PA, with her techie husband and three kids, who stump her with questions like “where are all my socks?” and “why didn’t the tooth fairy come last night?”
Marilou’s hobbies include bungee jumping from suspension bridges, skydiving, snacking on raw habanero peppers, extreme breath holding, and–sorry! None of that is true. She doesn’t have a daring bone in her body. Marilou leads a tame life and can usually be found dreaming up her next children’s book.

About the illustrator...

Karl West is a freelance illustrator. His passion lies in illustration for children. He produces his work from his studio on the Isle of Portland, Dorset using Photoshop, Manga Studio 5 & a Cintiq.
Karl has views overlooking Chesil beach & If he listens carefully, can sometimes hear the fishermen stirring up a ruckus with the local Kraken! 
Karl has produced work for various clients including MacMillan, Franklin Watts, North Oxfordshire College, Brockheim Design, Paper Devil & Red Dog Productions. His first children's book The Daring Prince Dashing will be out in November 2015 published by Sky Pony Press.
He has won several awards including Best Colourer-In 1984 & 2nd place in The World Pencil Sharpening Championships 1988. Karl has a strong work ethic, good sense of humour & an imaginary friend called Antsy Pants. 
                                  If he's not drawing, he's thinking about drawing!

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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