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The Night Before Christmas A Brick Story - a bookwrap


"The Night Before Christmas - A Brick Story"
Authored by Clement C. Moore

Illustrated by Amanda Brack

Ages 3+

Unwrapping some cool illustrations for you...

About the book...

This classic poem is housed in a very classy cover and is refreshed by a new twist with the illustrations.  We all grew up with this well-loved story but now how unique to see all the scenes, designed by talented illustrator Amanda Brack, created out of LEGO bricks.  

Young and old will delight in browsing through the details, activity and yes, even expressions she has captured with her LEGO bricks.  The familiar, beloved story is a constant but with this modern addition a whole new generation can once again share the joy of reading this timeless story one more time.

I thoroughly enjoyed her time-consuming contribution and I know you will too. If you have a LEGO-lover in your family this a perfect gift to give.  You might consider giving a package of LEGO along with the book so both can be enjoyed throughout the holiday season.  Highly recommended.

About the author...

Clement Clarke Moore was a professor of religion and the author of several scholarly works. What he is most remembered for, however, is his poem "An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas," later called "The Night Before Christmas," and written as a Christmas gift for his six children.  

He was a professor at the New York City General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church. He is well-known poem helped establish the character of Santa Claus. He died in 1863.

About the illustrator...

Amanda Brack is a freelance illustrator who loves dogs of all shapes and sizes, old horror movies, and homemade smoothies.  She spent most of her childhood with her brothers constructing expansive LEGO towns and fighting over the best bricks.  She graduated from the School of Museum of Fine Arts and is currently living near Boston, Massachusetts.

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