Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Good Gift - a bookwraps

Everyone needs a best-est friend.  What is that you ask? It is someone you love being with, playing with, and simply just hanging around with.  Today's fantastic book shares the value of friendship and how true friendship will always put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. 


Authored by Michele Toland

Illustrated by Marianella Aguirre

Unwrapping the illustrations... I love them... take a peek!

The illustrations certainly drive the text.  They are big, bold and vibrant.  I love the enlarged heads .... smaller kids will delight in that aspect, and the expressions and details portrayed are sure to have your child coming back again and again the visuals. They are super kid-friendly. 

About the book...

I love Christmas!  I love all the family traditions, the music, the sparkly lights, the abundance of festive food and all the celebrations surrounding the season.  This sweet book once again features the adorable character Emily, Em for short and her best-est friend Libby.  

Libby lives in the great big house right beside her.  Libby is blessed to have loads of toys, why you'd almost think she owned a toy store.  Em is excited to write to Santa and send him off her wish list and at the bottom of the letter she is quick to add...

"and the last and most important thing was to remind Santa to skip Libby's house this year."  

My what a strange request.

You see lately Em has been very observant and unhappy with Libby.  Why?  Santa visited Libby eight times last year...that's way too much she thinks... what about the other kids, they need toys too!  When it is time to string up the Christmas lights Em gets multi-coloured bulbs and expresses to her dad that  her most favourite colour out of the mix is blue.  When Libby turns on her lights guess what?  All her lights are blue AND sparkly!  The icing on the cake happens when Em covets the beautiful silver candle sticks that adorn Libby's table. This is just way too much for Em to handle. Why does Libby get everything she wants?   

Em's wise mother sees how downhearted and unhappy her daughter is so she sits her down and explains to her that Libby's family is different and they don't celebrate Christmas.  They celebrate Hannukkah each year. They light a special candle every day for eight days before Christmas and on each of those special days Libby gets a present. 

Em learns that Libby is wrestling with her traditions also and she loves how Em's family celebrates Christmas. Libby is sad and despondent because she wants to be just like her best- est friend and join in on the fun.  

This book explains the differences between the two  and it tenderly coaches about the importance of accepting each others way of celebrating at that time of the year.  The message of the book is positive and important as kids learn how to revere each other's traditions and will understand what true friendship really means. I highly recommend this book. It is perfect Christmas gift.

About the author...

Writing is a joy.  Publishing is amazing.  Watching the joy in
children's eyes as they listen to the stories...PRICELESS!

Check all three of her book out!

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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