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Bubba the Bulldog Tries to Smile Video Trailer

I want you to meet Bubba, the most adorable little bulldog ever.  He is sad right now because he wants with all his heart to be able to smile.  But alas his lips are so heavy they cannot curl up at the sides and make his face radiate showing his happiness and love for his beloved master, Ryan.


Bubba the Bulldog Tries to Smile

Authored and illustrated by Bree Clausen

Illustrations for you enjoy!

The illustrations are just perfect.  From the first page you fall in love with little Bubba.  You just want to wrap your arms around him and take him home and scratch his pudgy little tummy.  The colour pallet is soft, the pictures detailed and full of action and emotion.  I will give you lots so you can enjoy and see for yourself how enriching they are to the text.

Unwrapping the book...

This is the sweetest book ever.  Bubba loves his master Ryan so much and he delights in fact that Ryan is happy, smiling constantly, and loves life.  Bubba so much wants to return that smile and happiness back to his beloved owner but try as he may his lips won't curl up into a smile.  You see they are heavy and floppy and just droop down. What is a poor little bulldog to do to change that sad, saggy face into one that shines and beams with sheer delight? He has no clue how to fix his problem and it bothers him so.

Bubba starts playing with a roll of sticky tape and it starts to unroll....wrapping him up like a mummy. Then a strange thing takes place. Accidentally his lips get bound back and taped into a ..... smile!  Look Ryan I'm smiling back at you. Hurray for tape.  But alas Ryan must remove the tape and clean poor little Bubba up because he can't leave him like that can he?   

Next Bubba discovers if he stands in the direct flow of the pulsating fan his lips fly way back in the breeze and guess what?  He looks like he is smiling big.  But those things give only temporary relief from his agony of not being able to smile and soon he is back looking forlorn.

Is there a solution to his problem?  Will Bubba find a cure for his melancholy, mournful looking face? The solution he finds will ignite in you a giggle and put a smile on your face.  

"Ryan laughed and smiled the biggest smile that Bubba had ever seen." 

He picks up Bubba to give him a huge hug and then something happens making Ryan burst out laughing and Bubba to smile contentedly....ahhhhhhhhh!  Bubba can smile after all.  

About the author...

Bree Clausen is an award-winning, self-published, children's picture book author from San Diego. She released her first book, Bubba the Bulldog Tries to Smile on ebook January, 2014. The hardcover released March 13, 2014. She is the writer and illustrator, holds a Master's degree in Fine Art, and teaches preschool. Bree is a huge bulldog fanatic and her book is based on the personality and life of Bubba.

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