Friday, February 5, 2016

Dino Buddies - The Secret of the Star Shaped Stones


Aunt Eeebs and Sprout have won the prestigious Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for their latest children’s book, Who Stole Second Base?, which focuses on overcoming bullying. With the awareness of bullying as a global epidemic, their book features the adorable Dino-Buddies in a challenging baseball game against the not-so-very-nice Dino-BuLLies who just won’t play fairly. But a baseball glove offers a special message regarding confidence and courage that enables the Dino-Buddies to overcome the bullying tactics of the Dino-BuLLies. Although the Dino-Buddies win the game, they more importantly learn that when you play fairly, you’re always a winner!

The Dino-Buddies are a family of colorful and caring dinosaurs created by this sister-and-brother team whose pseudonyms come from family terms of endearment. In addition to the writing of the books, Sprout creates all the illustrations that make the colorful world of the Dino-Buddies come alive.

"Friends of Distinction… Not Extinction™’, the Dino-Buddies™ are indeed Dino-Stars™! They are of a non-violent nature and enjoy wholesome activities, but sometimes they have to watch out for their not-so-very-nice neighbors… the Dino-BuLLies™!
The Dinosaur Debut is the first book in the series and introduces the Dino-Buddies™ characters. Currently, there are seven (7) titles:

The Dinosaur Debut
The Happy Campers
The Baby Buddy
Let’s Go To Grammy’s
Hit The Beach!
South of the Border

Who Stole Second Base?

About the authors...

The award-wining book, Who Stole Second Base? grew out of Sprout’s love for the game of baseball and the experiences he shared with his son in the sport. In fact, two of the dinosaur characters featured in the book series are namesakes for his children, “Lisi” and “Trey”. Response to the book and its message of anti-bullying has been overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by the 5-star reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Aunt Eeebs and Sprout are currently producing Books 8, 9 & 10 of the series which will be available in early 2016.
Dino-Buddies books, t-shirts, CDs, tote bags, plush and other delightful gifts are available on Children can also play educational games and download coloring sheets from the website. The entire series of Dino-Buddies books is also available for purchase through Amazon, and are distributed through Follett Corporation, Baker & Taylor and others. Additionally, eBook Apps are available on Google Play and iTunes in English and Spanish with full narration plus 10 educational games – all for FREE!

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