Saturday, February 6, 2016

Get YOUR bunny reading - a mindwrap

How can I help my child to become an avid lifelong reader?

Every parent wants their child to be a successful reader. They desire their child not only be able to read the printed word but to understand its meaning and to crave that next book to devour.  I  teach parents how they can be the catalyst to make that happen.  Parents/Caregivers are the child's first and extremely important  teacher.  Here are some ideas to help you get the "Teacher of  (not only the year ) but of the Life" award.

Start reading to kids when they are born.  Some people read books to their kids while still in the womb.  The sound and flow of the language, a familiar loving voice and the togetherness of wrapping up around a book is a feeling your child will carry forever in their hearts.  Just as little as ten minutes of reading together a day adds up to hours, days, and yes, even years of reading over time.  As your child grows and matures you can lengthen that time causing your child's listening abilities to improve and his vocabulary and understanding to strengthen. Choose the best time for your family to read.  Some choose bedtime, others after a meal, or even in the bathtub as their favourite time.  Read in doctor's offices, on the beach, in the name it...reading is always right anyplace and anytime that suits your child and you.

Sometimes adults get annoyed when their child picks the same book to read over and over again.  Repetition is a wonderful thing.  It internalizes language and helps your child become familiar with the story.  Rhyming books are a big hit and kids love the flow of the language there.  Cuddle them in close and be sure to point out signs, words, details in the illustration, anything really that grabs your child's attention.  Be sure to ask a lot of questions as to what's going on in the story: why do you think they did that?, would you do the same thing?, what do you think about what she did? etc. When the questions are answered then you have the perfect opportunity to discuss different points of view, weave in your family values and discuss feelings, appropriate behaviours and emotions the story evokes.  

It's important to listen  to your kids and find out exactly what they think. Talk, sing, spout nursery rhymes, play word games and spot words out in the world to read such as: McDonald's , Walmart, Starbucks, Stop, School etc.  Reading is  composed of words and words are found everywhere, in magazines, newspapers, catalogues, on cereal boxes...everywhere indeed. Discuss what you see and let kid's have their say too.

Be a model reader for your kids and grandkids.  When kids see you picking up and book and enjoying it they too will see that reading is useful and a pleasurable activity.  When you are following a recipe, reading a map, or reading the daily newspaper you can be that your kids are watching.  Also take frequent trips to the local library ... a home for books...  as it is a very beneficial experience for kids of all ages including you.  

Put down your iPad, smart phone, tablets, and turn off the t.v. then concentrate on a great book... together... uninterrupted.  Be there...focused together " in the moment".  

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