Friday, February 26, 2016

Gifts of the Crysnix - a bookwrap


Authored by Lisa G. Shore

Unwrapping the backstory...

" One rainy night many years ago, Lisa Shore was tucking her daughters in while preparing to tell a bedtime story.  The wind thrashed outside the window and the rain pitter-pattered on the roof over their heads.  She then began to tell a story about magical fairies who only came out when it rained and danced on the roofs of the humans who lived at the edge of the forest. Their  names were Pitter and Patter and they granted wishes if a human saw them.

After her daughters fell asleep that night, Shore wrote down the idea and ultimately turned it into her new book, "Gifts of the Crysnix."

'My book is about making the right choices and wishes in order for you to live your best life.'  Shore said. 'It's about believing in yourself, finding strength in humility, the importance of gratitude and the power of forgiveness.'

The book can appeal to anyone, but Shore believes her primary target market is girls at the brink of becoming women.  After losing both parents at a young age and raising three children as a single parent, she wanted to show - through the telling of a fairytale - that we can all make the most out of whatever situation we are in.

'If I can help readers believe they have tremendous power over their lives by trusting their gut instincts and going for the best life they can live, then I believe the universe will deliver it to them.' Shore said.  'The ideas of positive intention crosses all barriers of religion, race and age groups.'

More about the book...

In her debut book Shore has created an enchanting tale of beautiful fairy creatures that live high in the treetops in the forest.  Their world is perfect, their community loving and giving.  They possess the power to bend time and grant wishes of the humans around them who are at a tipping point in their life.  She touches on the power of forgiveness, the beauty of grace and and turning fear into strong determination and empowerment.  

It is a story that offers transformation and hope.  It is a story that is emotionally charged and offers heroes that will inspire you.  It is a wonderful book of positive life-lessons that will help you greatly on life's journey.    

About the author...

Studies in advertising art at Red River College led Lisa into the fields of television and design. The creative challenges of copywriting took a personal turn when she began to write for her young children. Inspired by the forest around her family island home, nature set the scene for the magic that came to life on the page. Lisa publishes her books to share with kids of all sizes who have big imaginations.

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