Saturday, February 27, 2016

Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings (1974) Simon and the Chameleon FilmFair

Published on Jan 18, 2015 - the old versions are so blurry and faded so this new digital transfer is great. Ty DHM Media for updating this wonderful series. 

From Wikipedia: Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings is a British children's animated series about the adventures of a young boy named Simon, who has a magic chalkboard. Things that Simon draws on the chalkboard become real in the Land of Chalk Drawings, which Simon can enter by climbing over a fence near his home with a ladder. The stories often revolve around the unintended effects that Simon's drawings have on the Land of Chalk Drawings, such as when an upset Simon draws a picture of his angry self, which goes on a rampage.

The programme is based upon the writings of Edward McLachlan. It was produced in the mid 1970s by FilmFair Productions in London for Thames Television, and was originally a 5 minute programme, broadcast around tea time in Britain. 

This is a new digital transfer from an original faded 16mm print. The footage has had some simple colour correction applied to remove the red cast.

The copyright in this series belongs to DHX Media, the current owners of the FilmFair London library.

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