Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hey...bookchat time!

Why read?

Unwrapping bookchat...


   "Why do I need to read my little guy asked?   Why is it so important ?Why do you tell me it's exciting and fun?  I'd rather play my video games and watch t.v. and goof around with my friends.  Burying my nose in an old book is boring and lonely.  Why, oh why, do I need to read?"

"You read sweetie because reading is pure magic.  When I encourage you to read I am giving you the abilities of a great magician.  You will have the power to solve problems and your books can be a spaceship to portal you to different worlds... to infinity and beyond!

Reading can make you really smart.  We grown-ups call that empowerment.  Books can give you great knowledge and understanding on a huge amount of topics.  Often if you have a problem that problem is answered in a book that you are reading.  If you want to find out about diamond mining, the rainforest, different cultures and countries, just to name a few, books are there to help you do that.  Pssst? Come closer...  if you can't defeat the Evil Ogre on Level Three of your game you can use your magical powers of reading how on a cheat sheet (don't tell anyone I told you that ok? it's our secret), or you can email Grandma and ask for help.

Great books are like time machines my little man, transporting you to different time periods in the past and zooming you into the future.  History is important to know and who knows, you may be inspired yourself to discover something amazing to share with the rest of the world if you think futuristically. 

Good books are like kaleidoscopes, you know like the one you got in your Christmas stocking this year?  They help you see things from different perspectives and that's a very intelligent thing to do.

Not only that sweetie they are like a mirror.  You look into a good book and often find a character that is just like you.  You can learn how they motivate themselves and how they are feeling inside about life. You can learn how they grow and think just like you are doing now.

Reading a book is the ultimate escape.  Everyone at one time or another just needs to get away from reality and be distracted or entertained.  You can enter into someone else's life and walk a mile in their shoes. Books teach you how to be more tolerant of others and have a greater appreciation for fellow human being, animals and places.  They get you to think globally and become aware of the good, the bad, and the yes honey, even the ugly things that are out there in our huge world. 

 But wait sweetie there's even more! Yes I know I'm going on but you know how passionate I am about reading... without books it would be much more difficult to pass on stories from generation to 
generation.  Reading is gift that a lot of kids are not privy honour bestowed upon those who are willing and able to accept it. Millions of kids cannot read, or go to school or can even get their hands on a book.  They would love to have what you have access to believe me.  Reading is that gift that will never wear out and it's not an expensive one.  Why you know I use websites where I can download books for free and the library books are free to borrow and enjoy any time you want to.   We are book blessed!

They are portable and can be taken anywhere. They are quiet and will stimulate your imagination.  Want a perfect gift to give to your friend Rob for his birthday?  Let's give him a book.  He loves dinosaurs and there are amazing pop-up books on that theme. Books won't grow too big, bark incessantly, or have to be thrown away because they have expired.  They do not require batteries and you can save the trees by downloading a paperless ebook or magazine.  They are winners on all fronts!

Do you see now why I encourage you to read?  I want the very best for you cutie, so trust me...when you get the reading bug and start devouring good stories that are housed in great books you will feel fantastic! Most of all encouraging you to become an avid reader is love in its purest form and I love you so much...but you know that don't you?  I truly do. xoxo


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Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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