Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How to Draw a Pug Dog Face - Step by Step

Ever look at the drawings in books or amazing art hanging on the wall and wish you had such talent to be able to produce the same beauty.  Today's book wants to take you to a whole new level in making that happen.  The author wants to move you forward from just happily doodling in your sketchbook to actually sketching things realistically.  His premise is that anyone can learn the art of sketching and have lots of fun doing it.  


Created by Liron Yanconsky

404 pages of instruction and encouragement

About the book...

Ok now it's time to get serious.  You've always dreamed of becoming an artist wanting to sketch and draw like the pros right?  Well with this book your dreams can come true.

Liron Yanconksy's fabulous book will elevate you to new heights in your ability to do so.  Step-by-step this sketch manual will guide you along, give you confidence on your journey, and enable you to hone your sketching skills.

The book is mammoth and the author breaks your ability to sketch into small steps and is there for you every step of the way.  He covers such topics as:

* What is a Sketch?

* Inner Game-Sketching with your Brain

* Outer Game-Sketching with your hands

* Let's sketch!  -  *People
                            *Fruits and Vegetables

In his introduction the author states:

"I understand that beginners need very simple, yet comprehensive and conclusive material in order to learn quickly and efficiently.  This is exactly what I hope to achieve with this book - a genuine "for beginners" instruction book. "  He even includes a contact number if you have any questions... now that is awesome in itself.  You can reach him at:  

I love his definition of a sketch:

"A sketch is a drawing. It can be simple or complicated.  Light or dark. Fast or slow. What really makes a sketch is that it's usually not intended to be a finished work.

...a sketch is more of a window to the artist's mind. It's what he drew without being concerned about 'what other people might think' or how perfect and complete it would be."

Yanconksy has also created sketch book for kids... take a peek at those:


Come on everyone...get your artist on!   Yes you can...

About the artist...

  • Liron is a self-published author, art teacher and graphic designer based in Israel.

    Being self-taught, he has been drawing ever since he was born. He has constantly worked on polishing his art skills, and specifically his drawing skills.

    Liron is an avid writer, and has published 7 books so far, on a wide variety of topics such as perspective drawing, folds and clothes, sketching techniques and drawing for kids. He is also active on YouTube, publishing drawing lessons on a daily basis.

    His biggest strength is topics that require strong understanding and great visual perception.

    His biggest goal is to prove that ANYONE can learn how to draw. His other passions are traveling and self-development.

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