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Webster's Manners - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some quotes for you...

Ahhhh technology!  It's so much fun, time consuming and oftentimes addictive.  We tend to have a phone in our ear, a tablet in our hands and the t.v. blasting as we try to conduct our life.  Don't get me wrong I love, love , love it but it's very important that we teach our kids (and remind ourselves) that there is a time and place to put it all to rest and engage with real people around us and the tasks that are before us to perform.  Today's book is a perfect teaching tool to do just that. 


Authored and illustrated by Hannah Whaley
Ages 1-7

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations...

About then book...

Webster, an adorable little spider, is about to learn a lesson on technology etiquette.  

His dad steps forward and talks to him about how, when and where Webster should be using his beeping, flashing electronic toys.  Dad specifically points out that gadgets are unacceptable at mealtime, bathtime, reading time or off to bed time. Webster can't help thinking that that is a lot of time to be separated from his electronic friends and he being a techie geek, can't even envision his life "unplugged".  You see technology IS his life but being an obedient, loving son he listens very carefully to what his dad is trying to convey to him.  

After carefully contemplating dad's concerns, Webster steps forward and says:

"Ok," said Webster
"I've got it now,
but so we both agree...

if there's a time and place

for everything,
that doesn't just mean me?"

I think now Dad is going to get a lesson on his technology etiquette and how he uses his gadgets. The tables just may be turning... 

I loved the message of the book.  We must teach each other (kids and adults alike) the safe and appropriate use of technology in our daily lives.  This book can be used as a catalyst for conversations about taking care of electronic toys, screen time planning for both the young and the old, and developing healthy attitudes towards our screen-based toys.

May digital manners reign! 

About the author...

Award-winning author and illustrator Hannah Whaley is based in Scotland, where she has always worked to combine education, technology and research. She graduated with a degree in Applied Computing in 2004 and was named UK Learning Technologist of the Year in 2007, before moving into University library management in 2009. Her books help introduce children to technology from an early age through reading and stories. Her first children's picture book "Webster's Email" was awarded the top prize in Writing Magazine's SP Book of the Year 2015.

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