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Cathy Gibson-"What's Your Something Special?" - a bookwrap


Authored by Catherine Gibson and illustrated by Mary Fletcher

"For The Children With Love Publications"
A portion of the proceeds from each book sold is donated to the "For Children With Love Foundation" which supports children's causes


Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

About the book...

Samantha wants to be just like all the other kids.  She wants to run, jump, climb and be normal.  Unfortunately that can never be because she is confined to a wheelchair.  

One day while her mom is driving her home from school Samantha sees a sign advertising the Circus is coming to town.  She is so excited and asks her mom if she and her best friend Beth can attend.  Both girls have an amazing time and as they leave the big top tent they notice a magician performing for a crowd outside.  He approaches the two girls and after a conversation goes inside and comes back holding something in his hands.  He then presents Samantha with a pair of sunglasses to wear so she can see the world around her in a different perspective. He tells her that when she wears them she can see a world of possibilities, positivity and inclusiveness not sadness and isolation because of her disability.

Although Samantha does not believe the glasses will change things or her feelings she puts them on...just in case.   She discovers that what is buried deep inside of her is what makes her unique and special, not her signature wheelchair. 

Everyone has a special gift inside of them and only they have the key within their heart to release that gift for others to enjoy and be blessed.  Wearing the sunglasses makes you feel fulfilled, happy and complete.  

A beautiful poem is included...

"When you find your something special
You'll know it right away
It comes from deep inside you
And never goes away.

It's something you've always had
But can't find in a book
Don't give up, just try again
Take another look.

There is a special gift
That only you can share
The more you give from your heart
The more you'll find it there.

When you look inside yourself
Believe in what you see
You'll find your special something
Your heart will hold the key."

The illustrations are surreal and beautiful. The book encourages you to find the special quality inside yourself that only you can unlock.  The author has included a back page where you can discuss, share and record your special gift.  

This is a  wonderful self-discovery book that will ignite happiness, feelings of self-worth and confidence because every single person has something special tucked deep down in their heart to draw from.  I highly recommend this book.

About the author...

Catherine Gibson is a Connecticut native who taught children her whole life. Growing up with loving and supportive parents, it allowed her and her younger sister and brother to feel the love of a child’s imagination. Cathy and her siblings were always finding and creating games and exploring new adventures. Having a family of her own and raising 2 sons , she wanted to give back. She began dancing at a young age and studied under the caring instruction of Miss Helyn Flanagan. Cathy sang on three children’s dance albums and performed in several recitals. She continues to help teach dance to this day. Cathy is always trying to learn new things. She had always been fascinated with sign language and as her children became older, she decided to take a sign language course. While taking courses, the deaf instructor asked Cathy why she was learning sign language. The instructor asked if she had to learn to communicate with a relative or a friend, who was deaf. To the instructor surprise, Cathy didn’t. Cathy explained to her that she always thought that signing was beautiful and viewed it as a form of dance, which she wanted to learn. Through her sign language courses at the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford, Connecticut, Cathy was introduced to their pre-school program. Since the instructor knew of Cathy’s dance background, they asked her if she would be interested in teaching dance to the preschool children. While Cathy taught dance to the deaf children, it brought a lifetime of joy within her heart. She wanted to spread the word that deaf children also loved to dance. The children add a sweet innocence about them and an eagerness to dance. During the dance classes they would dress up in costumes and the children would mimic Cathy’s dance moves. Every time Cathy came to class, the children would welcome her with their warm smiles and big hugs. It was a learning experience for all of them. The deaf children in Cathy’s class gave her the inspiration and foundation to write her stories.

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