Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hattie Peck - a bookwrap


A picture book for children three to six years old, Hattie Peck takes readers along a spirited ride in which they are encouraged to be persistent and creative in making their  dreams come true and learning how to love.  At heart, it's a simple and sweet adoption story about unconditional love that teaches adopted children and their families that theirs are just as amazing and full-of-love as "traditional" families.  Funny and endearing, it's written to be read aloud, over and over again!

Authored and illustrated by Emma Levey

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

About the book...

Hattie Peck, an adorable plucky chicken is on a mission.  She is on a mission of love.  You see she has only laid one egg in her life and that egg did not come to fruition.  Poor Hattie all she ever wants and thinks about are eggs, eggs, eggs and the poor dear came up empty.  Not to be discouraged Hattie decides to go on an adventure that will change her life forever.  

She is determined to seek out every throwaway egg, scoop it up and bring it back home where she can mother and nurture it and welcome it with loving wings into her family.  She literally goes to the ends of the earth finding precious abandoned eggs that are just waiting for a loving home. She excitedly adopts every size, shape and colour of egg to make a perfect blended family.

When she arrives back at her coop her egg pile is humongous, her resolve even greater.  Hattie fondly nests on her eggs day and after day, week after week exercising great patience.  Does this depress her?  Au contraire,  she finally hears, "CRACK! SCRATCH! TAP! and her prayers are answered.  VoilĂ  her long awaited family has  hatched!

Hattie turns out to be the perfect little mom and she and her eclectic hatchlings live happily ever after... Unconditonal love reigns!

About the author/illustrator...

Emma Levey, children's author and UWE Bristol Illustration graduate, is celebrating the success of her first children's book Hattie Peck, published in February by Top That Publishing. The book has been warmly received by readers and critics alike. She has since worked on a further four books and plans to work on a sequel for Hattie Peck towards the end of the year. Emma has also been shortlisted for the AOI Awards 2014 in the Professional Children's BookCategory.

Hattie Peck is inspired by Emma's childhood growing up on a smallholding in Wales and follows the story of Hattie, a chicken who loves eggs but can't hatch an egg of her own. She embarks on a world-wide egg hunt to find all the lost and abandoned eggs in the hope of hatching them on her return.

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