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Jake's Kindergarten Checkup - a bookwrap

Unwrapping to-day's book...

Jake's Kindergarten Checkup

Authored by Dr. Chrystal de Freitas
Illustrated by Tammie Lyon

Ages: Pre-school

Unwrapping some realistic illustrations...

About the book...

Kindergarten is such an exciting time in a child's life and one of the steps to attending is the pre-entrance check-up that ensures the educational system that your child is healthy and ready to enter the prestigious arena of pedagogy.   

This book addresses the apprehensions and fears of that critical check-up through the eyes of Jake.  He knows it is inevitable and must face his fears as he, his mom and little sister Chloe, prepare for his clinical visit culminating in the dreaded "shot!"

His family gives him support through all the steps of the examination.  They watch as he is analyzed inside and out and then the moment he's been frightened of finally arrives.  Will he be brave and take it like a mini-man?  Will it hurt so much he may burst into tears?  Oh my... his little sister senses his worry and steps in to save the day. They are both rewarded with victory trophies that look a lot like lollipops.... cherry for Jake and orange for Chloe, which are the best kind of prizes for sure, when you are that age.    

This book is comprehensive and the illustrations are perfect to let your child visualize step-by-step what is happening at that crucial doctor's visit.  The author is an actual pediatrician who is involved with health education.  The book is educational and will sooth your child's fears as you read through it, discuss it and give her/him a heads-up as to what will be taking place.  

The author wisely has included at the the end of the book, "Dr. Dee's Well Child Checkup For Parents."   She explains that ongoing checkups are important to keep track of your child's growth, development and immunizations.  She then gives you seven tips to help you make your child's health check a successful event, suggesting that you end up with celebration of completion.  

This is a wonderful resource for your home, to be placed in all doctor's offices to be read while you wait to be seen by your practitioner, in all libraries and classrooms.  I highly recommend this book. 

About the author...

Pediatrician, author and mother, Dr. Chrystal de Freitas M.D., FAAP, is the founder of San Diego-based Healthy Chats LLC. Healthy Chats provides health education information to parents and their children through detailed seminars, DVD kits, and online. The company presents its "Healthy Chats for Girls" seminars for mothers and their pre-teen daughters, "Healthy Chats for Boys" puberty seminars for sons to attend with one or both parents, and "The Birds and the Bees with Ease!" seminars for parents. 

In addition to Healthy Chats, the doctor maintains a private practice at Carmel Valley Pediatrics and was selected by the San Diego County Medical Society and San Diego Magazine as one of the area's top doctors (2006). In 2009, Carmel Valley Pediatrics was selected for the 2009 Best of San Diego Award in the Pediatrician category by the U.S Commerce Association. 

Dr. de Freitas is the author of "Keys to Your Child's Healthy Sexuality" (Barron's Educational Series, 1998), "Puberty in Girls" and "Puberty in Boys" (Health Infonet, 2000), and "The Birds and the Bees with Ease!" (Healthy Chats LLC, 2010.) She is also the creator of the acclaimed "My First Period Kit & DVD" (2008) based upon her popular mother-daughter seminars. 

For more information about Dr. de Freitas and her work, please visit, and

About the illustrator...

Tammie lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband Lee, and loves spending the day in her studio with her dogs Gus and Dudley. She began her love of illustrating at a very young age while drawing at the kitchen table with her dad. She has fond memories of sitting for hours drawing things around the house and later presenting them as gifts to her mother. Since she was an only child, drawing became a favorite form of self-entertainment.
Tammie initially pursued a career as a professional ballet dancer before she decided to switch gears. She attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, where she received her BFA. She began her illustration career as a staff illustrator for a major greeting card company eventually becoming the director of the juvenile product line. Having discovered that illustration was her true passion, she left to begin a freelance career in the children's market where she has illustrated numerous books, posters, magazines, cds, games, clothing, and just about anything else you can think of. She has now turned to writing as well and has written her first children's book, Olive and Snowflake (Marshall Cavendish) .

Some of her most recent books are, four new titles in the Katie Woo Series (Capstone) and My Kitten by Margaret O'Hair (Marshall Cavendish).

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