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The Tea Party of Miss Moon - a bookwrap

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Authored by Princess Mary Thurn-Taxis

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About the book...

"The Tea Party of Miss Moon" was one of the first children's books from 1900.  It is a fairy tale written by Princess Marie Thurn-Taxis who lived in Italy and was a real live princess of noble birth.  

She wrote many tales but this one was by far the favourite of her two grandsons, Raymond and Louis, who asks it to be read to them over and over again.  She decides to write it in English for them so they can learn the language.   You will notice that the font is the original font... handwritten personally by the princess herself with pen and ink.  Her script is clear, easy to read, and lovely to look at. The book oozes of elegance and style. An ebook has been created from the original manuscript with whimsical, handpainted watercolour illustrations.  

Miss Moon decides to host the ultimate tea party and invites all her high class friends from the realm of Nature.  On the guest list is Sun-Child (well yes of course), The Queen of Snows, Mr. Thunderstorm (all in violet velvet and dark furs), horrid Mr. Lightning and a range of other very important elements.  

The invitations are sent out and the excited guests arrive at Miss Moon's beautiful crystal castle high up in the clouds ready to have a party extraordinare. 

Everyone is laughing and chatting and having a splendid time as they enjoy the sumptuous food that has been prepared for this joyous occasion. The party takes a downturn when Mr. Lightning steals and greedily eats Sun-Child's perfect, juicy peach. Oh my!  Chaos ensues and a party that is supposed to be the ultimate experience turns into mayhem.  What will Miss Moon do to restore law and order and bring her guests back to a mood of celebration and fun?  Is it even possible or will she just send everyone away and give in to the shameful disaster?  

This book is magical and would be a lovely addition to your child's collection.  Perhaps read it at a tea party you organize and enjoy with your child.  Pinky up!! Sip!!

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