Thursday, April 7, 2016

Have you seen Elephant? - a bookwrap


Authored and Illustrated by David Barrow 

**David received the Sebastian Walker award for most promising children's illustrator 2015 after graduating from the Cambridge School of Art Children's Book Illustration Master programme.**

Unwrapping some fantastic illustrations...

About the book...

Ok this is one of those books that when you thumb through the illustrations you just want to give it a hug.  It is delightful in all respects.  The animals portrayed are so friendly and loveable and the little boy character just steals your heart away.

This book has the making of a classic and children will delight in trying to find the baby elephant as he plays a game of hide and seek.  You have to look hard for him because .... "He is very good." He hides under blankets, on top of the bed (not under as one traditionally would do), disguises himself as a lamp with a lampshade over his head, stuffs himself inside the garden shed and even becomes invisible behind a tree (or is he?),  just to name a few.  He tricks the boy every time with his disappearing act until voilà, he magically appears right out of thin air again.

"There you are!" exclaims the little boy with a big grin on his face.

Equally amusing to track are the boy's expressive pet dog and the sluggish slow tortoise (or is he?), that are depicted brilliantly in the story.  

Why the book was chosen by the publisher Gecko Press:

"This book tickles the funny bone of children and adults equally.  Part of the humour comes through the juxtaposition of the subdued, beautiful illustrations and the absurdity of an elephant trying to hide inside a standard lamp."  - Julia Marshall, Publisher

I love when a book comes along that when you pick it up to share you know that it is a winner.  The illustrations, the font, the colour pallet, the whole vibe of the book oozes success.  I highly recommend it with a 5 hug ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) endorsement.  Enjoy!

About the author/illustrator...

David has been a shelf-stacker, a library assistant, a call-centre worker, a civil servant and a printer, so obviously it was only a matter of time before he tried his hand at writing and illustrating children’s books. He joined the world-renowned Children’s Book Illustration MA at Anglia Ruskin CSA. It turns out he actually found it a lot harder than all of the above, but ultimately a lot more rewarding.
Whilst on the course, David created his first picture book, Have You Seen Elephant?, which is due to be published in October 2015. He also won the Sebastian Walker award for new talent in children’s book illustration at his 2015 degree show.
David is now in the process of developing more picture books for UK publishers. He lives in Kettering with his toughest critics: partner Jo, son Teddy and cat Sofia.

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