Monday, April 4, 2016

King Boogie - By N.D. Byma - a bookwrap


Authored by N.D. Byma
Illustrated by L.A. Harper
Ages 3-8

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations for you...

 The illustrations are full of happiness and activity.  You cannot help being drawn into the narrative and have both the text and the pictures bring a smile to your face as you flip from page to page.  

The colour pallet is bold and bright and the pictures capture the vibe of the book perfectly. They make you want to get up and boogie along with the characters.

About the book...

This book oozes frivolity, playfulness and happiness.  King Boogie, a childlike and silly King, lives in the royal tower at the top of his castle. After being carried down the staircase by his royal caregivers "N" and "M", grasping onto his most favourite toy in the whole wide world, a BIG blue bear he named Bear, (how creative) his busy day begins.

 King Boogie fills his day with lavish food feasts, noisy and engaging entertainment, and best of all... boogieing whenever he hears music.  His rhythmic outbursts are infectious and soon his whole entourage joins in as he busts a move. 

After a hectic day of cleaning up after the ultra messy monarch and partaking in the King's enjoyment of his day his caretakers are exhausted as is King Boogie.  They loyally lug His Royalty (a.k.a. the very weary Sovereign) back upstairs to his bed... everyone in the castle is ready for a good night's sleep.   Good night! Zzzzzzzz!

About the author...

N.D. Byma is a children's author from Portland, Oregon with a passion for creating unique and engaging stories for both kids and adults to enjoy.

Having released his first children's book King Boogie to a wonderful reception in 2013, N.D. returned in 2014 with his second 5 star reviewed book, The Letter. 

For more information on N.D. Byma and his books, please visit

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