Thursday, April 28, 2016

Who Broke The Teapot? - a bookwrap

Oh, oh... doesn't look good!  How could that have happened?  Enjoy today's book all about the mishap...  I know it will make you smile.


Authored and Illustrated by Bill Slavin

Ages 3-7

Unwrapping some illustrations...

(You are going to love them I am sure)

About the book...

Mom is so angry her face looks like a ripe, red tomato and it looks like she may explode at any moment.  She discovers her fancy teapot is smashed in pieces and is laying wounded and helpless on the kitchen floor.  Who broke the teapot?  Mom is on a crusade to find out just that.

The family is busy doing family stuff:  baby sitting in his chair,  brother rotating on the ceiling fan, dad sitting leisurely at the kitchen table reading his newspaper, (in his underwear no less), sister nibbling pastry roll, Bowser licking out a bowl and Kitty tangled in her ball of wool...Oh My!  Mom surveys the mayhem around her and concludes that somewhere in that kitchen is the culprit that destroyed her best china teapot.  After all, the evidence is right before her at her feet... her teapot is in shards, broken and pathetic looking.   

Is mom making false accusations?  Is the perp right there under her nose guilty as she has charged?  You might be astonished at the surprising twist of events that did cause the irreparable damage...  or is it irreparable?  Mom maybe needs to take a chill pill which will help get her anger under control until she finds out the truth of the matter. After all, everyone is innocent until proven guilty and you will smile when you find out who the real offender is. Guaranteed!

The book is written in rhyme that flows beautifully from page to page.  The illustrations are just the best, making the text come alive.  They are brimming with action, expression and hilarity.  I highly, highly recommend this book.

Thank you, NetGalley, for the ARC.

About the author...

Bill Slavin has illustrated more than fifty books for children, including The Big Book of Canada, Bleeps and Blips to Rocket Ships and Shooting Hoops and Skating Loops. His work has received numerous awards, including the 2004 Blue Spruce Award and the 2004 CLA Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's medal, both for his work on Stanley's Party. He shares his studio in Millbrook, Ontario with his wife, Esperança Melo. 

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Read on and read always!

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