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Under the Sea Stories - a bookwrap


Authored by Stuart Lightman

Illustrated by Jag Lall

Unwrapping some illustrations in random order...

About the book...

This little book is full of imaginative stories and embedded in these stories are true facts about the wonders of the sea and the amazing sea creatures that live there.

Peter, is a bright little boy who is sent off to boarding school  because his parents want him to have the benefit of advantages which they have not enjoyed.  (anyway that is what they say).

Peter is very unhappy at the school and misses his home and parents so very much.  His parents are unable to come to see him (anyway that's what they say) and Peter's unhappiness and depression grows .  He decides to run away and go back home.  His angry father is not impressed and orders him to return to school the next day.  He did make one concession to his son. He tells him if he goes back to school he will arrange for Peter to stay the next holiday with Mr. And Mrs. Nash who are distant relatives and who Peter likes very much.  The Nashes live by the sea in Fishbourne. Peter readily agrees to the plan and off he goes with renewed hope  and happiness in his heart.  

Mrs. Nash (who Peter calls Mummy) bakes yummy cakes for Peter, and Mr. Nash (Daddy Nash) introduces Peter to the spectacular and awesome world of "under the sea".  

Daddy Nash first gives Peter goggles and flippers.  Then he provides an opportunity for Peter to ride in a glass bottom boat so he can observe the underwater sea world even more acutely.  Peter gets so skilled at maneuvering the small craft that he is given permission to take it out all on his own.  On his adventures he encounters flying fish, dolphins, and a fish who speaks only in rhyme, just to name a few.  Peter lovingly gives his marine friends names and is transformed into a  happy and excited boy always wanting to learn more facts and habits of these magnificent creatures. 

The author describes the marine life that Peter converges with and gives more in-depth details about their traits and the stories that they can tell. I am sure you will enjoy sharing these escapades with your little one at bedtime or anytime.  Enjoy!

About the author...

Stuart Lightman was born in London in 1937 where he remained for most of the war. He was sent to boarding school from the age of four where he was, for most of the time, very unhappy. After  military service. He continued his education at Christ Church College, Oxford, where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He then qualified as a solicitor and specialised in taxation as well as company and commercial work. He wrote a book on taxation called International Property Transactions. He ended his career as a part-time chairman of VAT tribunals.
When his children were young he used to tell them off the cuff ‘Under the Sea Stories’ when they went to bed, which they seemed to enjoy. His wife thought these stories were amusing and encouraged him to record them in writing. He could not, of course, remember them word for word, but attempted to compose stories along the lines of what he had spoken. He threw his unfinished efforts aside and forgot about the matter. Then, some 40 years later, after his retirement, he came across the papers when clearing out a cupboard. He then polished them up and added a few extra chapters.

Stuart lives in London near his daughter and grandson. He also has a son and two granddaughters in New York. He hopes that his grandchildren will enjoy this book as much as their parents did in its early stages.

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