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A Celebration of Pete Seeger - musicwrap


Remastered original Grammy -winning album "pete" with a new companion DVD of never-before-seen footage of performances by Pete Seeger with the Paul Winter Consort, Susan Osborn, and the Pe de Boi Samba band

"What I want to do with this album is give people something that encourages the creative process and gets people out of the boxes they're been put in." 
-Pete Seeger

"Like Bach, Pete Seeger is the summing-up of an entire era.  He is a treasury of American music, and more than anyone I know, Pete gives voice to the soul of this country."

-Paul Winter

Pete is regarded by many as the last great album from an American icon who shares a place in our history with the likes of Mark Twain, Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost and Woody Guthrie.  A fully mastered edition of Pete , partnered with a new Pete Seeger at the Living Music Festival DVD featuring three historic videos of Pete Seeger in performance, comprises the Pete-Pak CD/DVD set, which will be released on June 17, 2016. 

Experience the music of Pete playing banjo and 12-string guitar in his own distinctive style on Pete's 18 tracks which include many timeless classics. Three different choral groups are included: the 30 voices of Gaudeamus, The Gospel Voices, and the Cathedral Singers.  Guest musicians include Howard Levy, Paul Prestopino, Joanie Madden, David Finck, Gordon Gottlieb, and Paul Winter. 

The Pete Seeger at the Living Music Festival  DVD features three historic videos, which seen in sequence, present a document of the graceful aging of a splendid artist known for his vitality and commitment to the highest standards of liberty, equality and justice, spanning 23 years of the latter part of Pete Seeger's life.

Included in the Pete-Pak are two booklets. Accompanying the CD is a breezy text taken from several books and articles authored by Pete Seeger along with a treasure trove of vintage photos.   Tucked in to coincide with the Pete Seeger at the Living Music Festival DVD is a booklet that contains a lengthy article by Paul Winter
that presents a first person account of significant ties he shared with Peter Seeger. 

The "Pete-Pak" will be available at

"Pete" Track List 

Well May the World Go                     
My Rainbow Race                                        
Huddie Ledbetter                                     
The Water is Wide                              
All Mixed up                                             
Sailing Down My Golden River         
Kisses Sweeter than Wine                  
Living in the Country                         
How Can I Keep from Singing           
Natural History (Spider's Web)        
Old Devil Time
Of Time and River Flowing 
In the Evening
To Everyone in All the World
River of My People
Russian Song/Ode to Joy
To My Old Brown Earth 

**Running time 63 minutes**

"Pete Seeger at the Living Music Festival" DVD Contents:

Living Music Festival (1982)
"Pete-nic" (1997)
Pete Seeger Solo (2005) 


John Henry
The Garden Song
Drunken Sailor
Roll the Old Chariot Along
Still de Nachte
Old Time Religion
Nicaragua Carol
Lay Down Your Burden
Coyote, My Little Brother
Wolf Eyes
Common Ground
Well May the World Go

My Rainbow Race
All Mixed Up
I Can See a New Day

**Running time 77 minutes**

Paul Winter sums it all up perfectly...

"I think of this album as a "Pete Seeger primer" for the younger generations who are not yet familiar with his music and as a "Grand Reunion with Pete" for the countless number of folks who grew up on Pete Seeger and hadn't hear him in years.  I wanted for a long time to produce this album, simply because I love Pete's music, and by the term 'music' I mean to include his singing, his songs, his stories, his great instrumental playing, his passion, his humour, and his kindness."

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