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Pakkun the Wolf and His Dinosaur Friends - a bookwrap


Pakkun the Wolf and His Dinosaur Friends

Written and Illustrated by Yasuko Kimura

Ages 5-7

Book buzz...

"Children who dote on silly, googly-eyed monsters need look no further than this imported tale of a wolf chasing an errant chicken egg." 
Kirkus Reviews

The book was originally published in Japan in 1982

Unwrapping some illustrations...

About the book...

Mrs. Hen has a huge problem.  She laid her eggs and one of them rolled down a hole and she is unable to retrieve it.  Little Pakkun the Wolf to the rescue!  He disappears down the hole as quick as lightning on a rescue mission, but to his great surprise this is not an ordinary hole.  Whatever has he gotten himself into?

He discovers it is a land of Dinosaurs.  He can't believe this! Who would have thought that this even existed?  He makes friends with Ptera, a very tiny and unusual looking creature, and together they search high and low to find that roll-away egg.  They comb every square inch of dinosaur land but to no avail, could there be more places that they have overlooked?  

Many pre-historic critters help them along the way and finally the best clue is given to them by an amiable Sauropod.  She tells them to go and scour the Valley of Dinosaur Eggs because it possibility could have landed there.  Mmmmm... I wonder if they finally will secure that tiny egg and return it back to it's rightful home and to its anxious, worried mother?  Miracles can happen can't they?

The illustrations are truly amazing.  They are colourful, packed full of action and imagination.  The creative characters are loveable and the whole sense of lending a helping hand to someone in need and enjoying diverse friendships certainly shines through.  The message is positive and the actions of the characters are noble and heartwarming.  I highly recommend this book.

About the Author...

Yasuko Kimura is the author of numerous children’s books, including Fergus, Fergus and the Sea Monster, Fergus and the Snow Deer, The Magical Fish, and the Pakkun the Wolf series. She received the Critici in Erba Prize at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 1986 for Today Is Not My Day.

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