Friday, May 6, 2016

The Adventures of Midge and Moo / Opposites - a bookwrap


Authored and illustrated by Kerry McQuaid

Unwrapping some adorable illustrations...

About the book...

Midge and Moo go together like peanut butter and jam, eggs and bacon and milk and cookies!  They have been inseparable since Midge brought Moo home from the hospital when she was only two days old. They have wonderful adventures together and eagerly explore their world around them.  Today's escapable is about finding opposites.

As the two go about their day they are on a mission to sight opposites together.   They manage to capture: loud, quiet, sour, sweet, up, down, messy, neat, full, empty, day and finally night just to name a few.  Who knew there was so many opposite surprises tucked into an ordinary day?  How fun to unmask them and make them your very own.  Mission accompished!

The delightful illustrations are crisp, colourful, and truly adorable giving a perfect visual to enrich each word.  The simplicity of the book makes it spot on for ages 0-5 to enjoy again and again.  This is the second book in the Midge and Moo series and another one is expected out this month. Keep them coming Kerry. I highly recommend the books and I know you will fall in love with the  sweet, endearing little character, Midge, just like I did.

About the author/illustrator...

   I grew up with parents and sisters who believed snuggling and laughing were a part of reading picture books.

   That probably explains my love and enthusiasm for writing and illustrating stories for kids! 
   Stories are fun, but it's more than that...each book a child reads is a doorway into understanding more about herself and more about the world she lives in. 
   I want to create those doorways--to laughter, to learning, to imagined worlds, and most importantly... to connecting with each other. 

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Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.
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