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SuperCaptainBraveMan - a bookwrap

Everyone dreams of being a superhero.  They want to be a conquering champion that can fly into tenuous situations and lead the fight for justice, thus turning bad into good!  This wonderful book will both inspire and educate you....


The Adventures of SuperCaptainBraveMan

Book 1: A Day at the Park

Ages 3-8

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations...

About the book...

First of all I loved the dedication of the book:

"This book is dedicated to and inspired by our beloved son Kyle, who is living proof that love, hope and persistence create miracles every day." 

Kyle, the little boy and main character of the book, is a delight.  He has hopes and dreams just like all the other kids but unfortunately he has many challenges in his life to contend with.  He has a rare disorder that impedes his health and his mobility. He needs special equipment and constant care by nurses and doctors to aid in his  every day quality of life.

He is mobile by his wheelchair, he uses a ventilator to help him breathe better, and his food consists of a special formula (prepared by Nurse Brigette) that he receives through a little spout on his tummy called a g-tube.  

Nurse Brigette wonders if he would like to go to the park and Kyle  answers with a resounding, " Yes please!" 

They have a wonderful day blowing bubbles and watching them float through the park.  Other kids are there playing and notice Kyle but are too shy to talk to him.

When Kyle is finally in bed that night and thinking about his day, he contentedly falls asleep. It's then that the magic begins.  He dreams he is SuperCaptainBraveMan!!  He revisits the park flying high as his cape flies out behind him in the wind. He has transformed into a superhero that is courageous and invisible.  He never is tired or afraid and is always on the lookout for kids to rescue who are feeling sad, unwell or scared.  

Will he find someone in the park that needs his help and that he can rescue?  Will there be other kids there that he can bring together so they all can play and laugh as a group and no one feels isolated or left out?  What do you think? Will it be mission complete before dawn breaks and Kyle awakens to another day?

This is the debut book of the series and it's mission is to tell Kyle's story of how much he is loved and valued despite the many challenges he faces.   SuperCaptainBraveman wants to educate  and encourage its readers to show love, acceptance and compassion by reaching out to those who are less fortunate.  A smile or a friendly interaction (such as a handshake or invitation to play) can totally change someone's world from feeling isolated and deeply sad into a happy, hopeful one.  Everyone must be treated with dignity and respect.  All are unique and a precious gifts to be unwrapped and delighted in, no matter what challenges life brings to them. 

I loved the positive message of the book and I highly recommend it.

About the author... 

Adopted at the age of two into a bustling family that would ultimately include six children (three natural and three adopted), Jennifer learned early on that a life filled with love and opportunity is a precious gift that should not be taken for granted. 

Like most parents, having a child gave Jennifer's life a whole new sense of purpose. But when her son Kyle suddenly began showing signs of chronic illness at the tender age of two, that purpose changed from raising a 'normal', healthy child to fighting for her child's life. 

After attending Virginia Tech, receiving an MBA from Georgetown University and building a successful career in marketing for more than 20 years, Jennifer now devotes her time to writing and promoting the SuperCaptainBraveMan series as a way to educate youth on empathy, compassion and friendship to kids with a diverse range of health issues, so that all children can grow up feeling as loved and as special as they deserve. 

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys a multitude of hobbies: working out, practicing yoga, golfing, gardening, sewing, jewelry making, painting, reading, pinning, shopping and sleeping in.

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