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Watch the Birdie!- a bookwrap

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  Hi, I'm Marilyn, and I'm so glad you are here.  A brand new week is upon us and I have many excellent books to share with you. I am always amazed to review and interview the most talented and creative people on the planet... kid book authors and illustrators. They are the best.  I am excited to get started.  Let's do it!  Please, be my guest and enjoy!

Unwrapping quotes about friendship...

Unwrapping today's featured book...

Authored and illustrated by Nancy Cote

Ages 3-6

Unwrapping the adorable illustrations...

About the book... 

I love this book.  This book is a follow up to "Watch the Cookie!" 

Mousie, the most adorable character ever, is watching a baby bird one day while waiting for his friend Sam to come home from school. The little guy accidentally falls out of his nest and onto the ground.  Luckily the fledgling is unhurt but unfortunately he cannot get back up to his nest by himself because he is inexperienced and cannot fly yet.  

Mousie takes it upon himself to be "his brother's keeper".  He is  unable to deliver the baby bird himself to the nest so he sends out a plea for help for those around him that may be able to save the baby.  He first asks a frog if he can jump high enough, then a bunny if she can hop far enough, and finally a snail if he could perhaps crawl up the tree and deliver this precious, vulnerable package to his rightful home.  All the time on every page is a big old hungry cat surveying what's going on and ready for a tasty, tender baby birdie snack.  Oh my! The suspense continues to build...

Will Mousie's be able to save the baby bird or will the cunning, powerful cat get his just desserts?  Mousie's heart is bent on being a superhero and seeing justice prevail.  This heartwarming tale is about bravery, friendship and preserving.  It will inspire the reader to step up and be a hero to someone in need,  just like Mousie did.

The illustrations are truly delightful.  They are colourful,  expressive and inviting.  The book is a perfect choice for story time. The theme lends itself to lots of discussion about friendships, being there for others when they need you, and not being afraid of asking others for help.  I highly recommend this book. 

About the author/illustrator...

From her work as a children’s book illustrator to her special project commissions, Nancy’s unique style and passion has garnered international attention and numerous awards.

Creating characters and scenes that delight both young and old, Nancy’s work is a reflection of her endless passion and energy for life. Her studio is located in an historic village along a quiet river in New England.

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