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EARTH by Charity and the JAMband - musicwrap

Groove on down to 'Earth' with Charity and the JAMband

Four years in the making, new album celebrates Earth Day every day



Charity and the JAMband
Family friendly

A love anthem to our astonishingly beautiful, patiently loving, infinitely precious Mother Earth. EVERY DAY SHOULD BE EARTH DAY! 

Unwrapping some lyrics so you catch the flavour...

Verse 1
this old earth's
been around awhile
she knows how to cry
she knows how to smile
she's happiest when we
care for her soil
and the water and air
that feed us all

Verse 2
this old earth
runs on her own time
how long does it take
for a mountain to grind
all the way back down
to a grain of sand
and then bec
a mountain again

every day
should be earth day
and every one
every daughter and son
will love her
like a mother
and cherish her
every single day
should be earth day!
every single day
should be earth day!
every single day
should be earth day!
every single day

Verse 3
this old earth
is home for all
the beasts and plants
stout and tall
some take root
others walk
some even fly
some even talk

Verse 4
we ride through space
upon her crust
never looking back
in earth we trust
she’s a ship afloat
in a sea of night
the burning sun
her guiding light


now is the moment
to open our eyes
and our minds and our hearts
and realize
the earth is our friend
we are never alone
the earth is our mother
the earth is our home
we must protect
our only earth
every action and intention
affirming her worth
let’s do no harm
and take good care
of every life



Charity Kahn: songwriting, guitars, vocals, synth, engineering, production
Daryn Roven: guitars, piano, engineering, production
Paul Lamb: bass
David Rokeach: drums, percussion


About the album...

Charity Kahn and her band released their most deeply felt and resonant album yet, EARTH.  It is a true celebration  of our amazing world and the collection of 10 original songs arrived just in time for Earth Day, April 22.  But we as good stewards of our planet should be celebrating and caring for our spectacular EARTH all year long.  

This is the seventh album for Charity and the JAMband.  They invite you to sing along and celebrate with them not only the fresh beauty of our planet, but also the sense of unity and hopefulness inspired by experiences in nature.  

As Mindy Thomas, host of SiriusXM's Kids Place Live show has noted, Charity and the JAMband make "barefoot, sun-on-your-shoulders, hula-hooping music for funky families."  Now that's quite an endorsement.  

The CD is available from CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more. 

There is a strong spiritual thread, pointing to the power of love and intentional living that runs through EARTH. Kahn states, 

"Whenever we record a song, theres's a metaphorical looseness, an organize earthiness that we embody.  We hope to convey the feeling of openness, of aliveness... the sense that anything unhappen." She emphasizes that Charity and the JAMband concerts are "rocking celebrations of coming together as one big family, united by song, dance and love."  I know you will love this album and will share it with others so they too can join in the amazing celebration of our beloved EARTH.  

Track Listing

1. Keep a Green Tree in Your Heart
2. Share Your Love
3. Earth Day
4. We Speak for the Earth
5. I Am the Earth
6. Shine
7. Sing a Summer Song
8. We Love Everyone
9. Pebble Meditation Song
10. Little One
For lyrics, chords and activities, visit

About Charity Kahn

 Charity Kahn has a degree in math from Stanford, has co-authored a book on math and music, and has worked as a software engineer in the technology industry. Motherhood opened the door to a new life of musical devotion and creation and allowed Kahn to live her real passion. Since 2002, Charity and the JAMband have been bringing the rock ‘n’ roll experience to families, touching the hearts and inspiring the dancing feet of this generation’s breed of family music lovers. Charity and the JAMband recordings include Family Values (2012), Party Like a Twinkle Star (2010, NAPPA Gold Award, Parents’ Choice® Silver Honor Award), Rock Your Socks Off (2006, Parents’ Choice® Gold Award, Children’s Music Web Gold Award, Fids & Kamily Award), and Peanut Butter and JAM (2004, Parents’ Choice® Approved Award). Charity Kahn previously released two solo albums: JAM: Music for Movement with Children (2002) and firstborn (1999). In addition to singing and recording original songs, Kahn leads popular weekly JAMboodas music and movement classes for young children, and she runs sold-out spring and summer JAMcamps for school-aged kids in San Francisco. Visit for the latest updates.

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