Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Journey of a Feather - a bookwrap

It  is said that feathers are a sign from above...

Quotes and poems to enjoy...

Unwrapping today's featured book...

Authored by Dean Woodland

Illustrated by Simon Holland 

Ages: 3+

Unwrapping some illustrations...

About the book...

"The destiny of a feather no one really knows:
what happens to a feather when the cold wind blows?"

This wonderful little book, written in rhyme, follows the journey of a beautiful white feather as it is caught up and powered by the wind.  It drifts from village to city enjoying the varied landscapes.  It floats, swirls, somersaults, circles and drifts... perfect words to describe its joyful movement.

Finally it floats down and descends on a little boy who is laying on the ground and he runs and picks up this treasure and quickly takes it to his mum to share his find.

"Mummy Mummy, look what I've found!  This is going to be lots of fun!"

Mummy takes the feather and tickles the little boy behind his ears making him giggle and then hand in hand she leads him to a park bench where she explains a myth that's been around for years...

"In life we learn our lessons, sad or happy they may be.
Like when we lose a loved one and their spirit is set free."

When a feather is found it is a reminder of a beloved person who is no longer there but whose presence can be felt.  

"The story of his feather, an angel it may be.
The story that he reads at night to make his dreams happy."

This evocative, heartfelt tale shows how even the simplest things may be endowed with great spiritual power.  

About the author...

Dean Woodland is the author of the soon-to-be released children's story, Boris the Bumble Bee.  The last year of Dean's life has been a battle with frontal lobe damage which is the inspiration behind his books. He writes his story for his young son, Lewis. 

In his own words...

“Our little feather is thrashed around by the cold wind, from place to place, and finally into the hands of a young boy who discovers him in a park and learns to appreciate the feather with all of his heart,” explains Woodland. “The boy is also suffering a fierce struggle against grief, finding solace in the little feather that makes life appear so simple. It’s a vitally-important message that I want to get across; that life’s ultimate beauty lies in the things we often so gallantly ignore.”
Continuing, “The book has an extremely uplifting ending and even contains a final double-page illustration readers can colour in with their families. I love harking back to the traditional, bygone days of innocent storytelling. There’s nothing quite like this currently on the market.”

This entire project is extremely close to the author’s heart. This entire thing has been therapy for me."


A beautiful book, not to be missed. 

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