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Book Nooks for kids - Welcome to Open Mic Wednesday

Today we are going to talk about Book Nooks for kids.  Summer is coming and school will be out so it's important to keep that reading momentum up with your kids.  

Creating a designated reading space for them will help them wind down from all the other distractions around them and concentrate on  great stories.  If you design a cozy spot for them to curl up in, add a blanket, some cushions and a pile of books containing subjects that they are interested in....voilà....instant reading success!!!

Unwrapping some cool design for you...

Everyone wants their kids to love reading.  The skill of reading is important but the love of reading is a priceless gift to instil in your child making them ardent lifelong readers.   

Kids can read almost everywhere- in the car, on the couch, under the bed sheets, or at the kitchen table, but a designated reading space that you set up together will make reading even more fun for them.

The Book Nooks that you create don't have to be expensive or fancy. You can take a table and throw a blanket over it or set up your summer camping tent in the back yard, both will work splendidly.  I know (back in the day) when I was a kid my mom would give us an old quilt and her basket of clothes pins.  My two sisters and I would pin the quilt to the fence, find stones to hold it down and crawl in that space and read there. Mom would bring us out popsicles and little snacks and we were happy readers for the afternoon.  

How to create a Kid-friendly Book Nook...

 *Keep it kid-centered -

If it's kid-centered then your kids should have a say in the layout and design.  Let them choose the colours, the add-ons and the books.  It's all about them and their willingness to read and be happy doing it.

*Keep it simple-

Simplicity reigns.  You can have a bookshelf, a big basket, a bin full of books or create your Book Nook in the proximity of accessible books. Gather together blankets, pillows, perhaps some type of seating if that's style you choose and a light to illuminate the pages.  The number one consideration and priority is of course .... comfort and happiness.  Lots and lots of books to enjoy is mandatory.

* Keep it functional-

Book Nooks have to work. They need to be like a magnet to kids to draw them into the space and promise a good time while there.  Like ants at a picnic, moths to flames, and kids to mud puddles this  space must work.  They need to embrace it with opens arms, be prepared to ignite their imaginations and have an eager readiness to  house read any time of the day.  It is perfect for indoor rainy days.

* Keep it close-

It's always a good thing to if Book Nooks are in central locations  and not off in some solitary place.  This gives parents an opportunity to monitor what's happening there and hopefully jump in and join in on the fun.  I prefer Book Nooks to be open invitations to cozy up and read as a family or at least with a sibling or a buddy.

* Keep it pretty-

That's important.  Kids too like spaces that are aesthetically pleasing.  Whether young or old we appreciate beauty and we all feel good when things around us are fresh, new and clean.  You can add little pieces to ramp up the joy such as framing a cool book cover,  pieces of your child's artwork, or even bring in a flower from the garden and place it on top of the bookshelf. 

* Explore online to find summer reading lists to devour and perhaps once a week take a family trip to the library to check out books to stockpile in the Nook.  

Think about setting up a Book Nook for your kids and trust me I know it will be a big hit.  Your kids will want to read this summer because of it.  Start planning now and have it up and running when school's out.  It could be the best graduation present your child receives... a promise of a reading summer for the whole family... a gift that is for life. 

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