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Lucy and Company - a bookwrap

I love this author/illustrator.  Every one of her books is gentle and caring and her illustrations are simply amazing.  (It also makes me happy that she is a fellow Canadian....just saying.)   I am always in awe of the gifted authors/illustrators that pass through Storywrap's door and delighted that I can review their creations for you.  You are going to love her book....


"Lucy & Company"

Authored and illustrated by Marianne Dubuc

Ages 3-6
Release month:  September

Beautiful illustrations that are soft with a subdued pallet perfectly embracing the mood of the book...

Story #1 - The Snack

Story #2 - The Treasure Hunt

Story #3 - The Hatchlings

About the book...

This book contains three short stories all "beginning reader" worthy.  Lucy, an adorable little girl and her friends: Marcel (the mouse), Henry (the rabbit), Dot (the turtle) and Adrian (the snail) all share adventures that kids can relate to.  Another character Anton, portrayed as a grouchy bear, who can never be disturbed, has a beautiful change of heart and becomes a loveable addition to the narrative in the last story.

Lucy and company share a picnic in a tree, dig for buried birthday treasure and rescue and re-home a lost flock of baby chicks in a very unlikely place.  The hatchlings nestle in a cozy furry spot that will make you smile for sure! 

The stories are perfect on their own and contain simple language and endearing humour which encourage kid's to share, have diversity when choosing friends, and very importantly help those in need...  a positive message indeed that stresses care and compassion towards others.  

A map of Lucy's world is featured at the beginning of the book setting the stage for these neighbourhood romps. This delightful tale truly is a celebration of friendship and the daily adventures result in happy endings come the end of the day.

About the author...

Marianne Dubuc wrote and illustrated In Front of My House, which was nominated for the 2011 Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award and La Mer, which received a 2008 Prix LUX/Grafika prize. She lives in Montreal, Quebec.

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