Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Tiny Traveler: Japan - a bookwrap

Because I have in my possession two of the Tiny Travelers series books I am going to highlight the second one today on Storywraps.  This is book # 3 in the series and it is all about nature in the amazing country of Japan.   Open the book and travel together with your little one to Japan where you can enjoy it's culture and beauty without ever leaving your reading chair.   

Konnichiwa.... (hello) 


Authored and illustrated by Misti Kenison

Ages 0-2

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to peek at...

The illustrations are vibrant, large and engaging.  The text font is big, spaced beautifully and positioned  on the opposite page across from the picture.  There is minimal detail on each page (no clutter) so little ones can focus on each individual slice of nature wholeheartedly.  Simple and clear layouts provide a great learning tool for that age group.

About the book...

This delightful little board book for toddlers showcases the wonderment of nature found throughout Japan.  From the minute bonsai to the majestic summit of Mount Fuji your toddler will journey and discover many aspects of its uniqueness.

Bold pictures of cherry blossoms, bamboo, a waterfalls, a Zen garden and a tea garden are all featured, just to name a few.  The illustrations capture imaginations and naming them will both enrich and expand emerging vocabularies.  

The smaller size of the book makes it extremely manageable for little hands thus encouraging solo "reading" and enjoyment of the book over and over again .  Book travelling together is great for the young and for the old.  Take an excursion between the covers of this age-appropriate book today.  I highly recommend this series.

About the author/illustrator...


Misti Kenison is a web/graphic designer and owner of MK Design. She is the author and illustrator of a new series of baby board books, the Tiny Traveler series. As a new mom, she believes strongly in encouraging literacy at a very young age, and hopes that this series will be a great tool for other parents to do so as well. Misti, her husband, and their two children live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Other books in the series...

Sayōnara...  (good-bye)

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