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Vroom! Kevin's Big Book of Vehicles - a bookwrap

All kids, boys and girls, love to explore, travel and ride in various kinds of vehicles.  There is always a wonderment  and sense of awe surrounding the loud sounds of wailing sirens, the roar of powerful engines, the screeching of rubber tires on pavement and the flashing of emergency lights from firetrucks, police cars and ambulances.  Today's book is about a little boy's obsession with a variety of vehicles. He extends a warm invitation to the reader to come along and share his passion for the vehicles that he loves, which are many.


Author and illustrator:  Liesbet Slegers

Ages 2 1/2 +

Illustrations to share with you...

About the book...

Kevin invites you to come ride with him and he'll take you on a journey through the book.  He is excited to have you aboard and as you zoom through the pages you will discover many different vehicles that Kevin loves.

You encounter strong work vehicles such as tractors, that are essential to the farmer and crucial for his work on the farm.   You meet  up with huge garbage trucks that pick up your garbage and in so doing keep your world sanitary and clean.  He introduces you to quick helper vehicles portrayed by fire engines, ambulances and police cars. These first responders keep towns and cities safe and protected for you its citizen.  Kevin also highlights regular road vehicles, the mundane everyday ones, that are so necessary to the average person: cars, limos, motorcycles and even bicycles, millions of vehicles that keep our world humming and constantly on the move.

The book also is interactive.  The young reader is encouraged to play matching games, ask a myriad of questions and listen to the rhymes included.  There are tons of wheels on display that go round and round.  Kevin and his friend Katie want you to have fun learning about which vehicle these wheels belong to as you join them and go for a ride.   This is a fun book that is both educational and a joy to share together.  

Which vehicle is your favourite in Kevin's collection?  Maybe you can draw a picture of it after you have read the book and share it with your family.  Highly recommended.  

About the author/illustrator...

Liesbet Slegers (Yellow, July 26 1975) is a Flemish author and illustrator.

Liesbet Slegers graduated in 1997 at the former St. Lucas College in Antwerp. She illustrates children's books, children's newspapers and magazines.

In 1998 she made the drawings for the comprehensive voorleesboek A kitchen full of suds, with Jeanne Baker texts. In 1999, she published four typical toddler books about the figure of Charles. This was the start of a long series Karel books.

Characteristic of the style she uses simplicity, frugality and recognition.

In her own words...

1. Liesbet, you can imagine yourself in seven words?

Creative, left-handed, mummy, restless, quiet, sporty, nature lover.

2. What book are you doing and what can you already tell?

I do currently have two books at once. It's about animals and large flaps ... The tracks are very promising, "Pretty pigtails" and "Dear snouts.

3. You may save yourself a book from a burning house. Which?

The first book of Charles: "Charles goes to school." That's all begun!

4. What is the best response that you got from a reader (little)?

Last year I was in Madrid at a book at the signing. There was a boy of ten, which was apparently a big fan of Charles when he himself was an infant. It gave a very good feeling that Spanish children also take so long for the booklets.

5. Which children's book that was written do you like yourself?

About a small mole who wants to know who has pooped on the head 'Wolf Erlbruch: the idea of ​​the story and the title I feel great. The book is long but is still a bestseller.

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