Monday, July 11, 2016

Who Will Dance with Little Mouse? - a bookwrap

MMMMM....Wanna dance with me? 


"Who Will Dance with Little Mouse?"

Authored and Illustrated by Anita Bijsterbosch

Ages 3+

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to peek at...

About the book...

This charming little tale is all about perseverance and friendships.  Little Mouse has a huge passion for the art of dance.  He would dance night and day if he could. 

"Little Mouse loves to dance.
If he could he would dance all day long.
"Who will dance with me,
who will dance with me?"
Little Mouse sings. 

He looks high and low for a dance partner because it's much more fun to dance with friends than all alone isn't it? Will he find a dancing buddy to share his joy?   

He runs hither and thither throughout the pages looking for someone to dance with him.  He discovers all his friends are busy:  puppy wants to run, lamb is jumping high, Mama Sloth is hanging out with her baby, Frog is flapping his flippers, Mama Koala and her infant are climbing in trees, Snail would rather glide his day away and Elephant is going on a stomp walk so he too has plans which don't include dancing with little mouse, just to name a few.

Finally Owl speaks up and says he will volunteer.  Luckily Nightingale appears and provides the music and soon the other critters of the forest are joining in making it a dance party celebration.

The illustrations are bright and kid-friendly and the theme just lends itself to getting you up off your couch and dancing along with little Mouse and his friends.  I highly recommend this book...get ready to slip into your dancing shoes and join in on the fun!

About the author...

Anita Bijsterbosch was born in 1961 in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. Even as a child she could watch for hours and books get lost in illustrations. After school, she attended various painting and drawing courses and experimented with different techniques. Her children eventually inspired them, even to make picture books. Since 2012, it does so very successfully, and their books are published all over the world. 

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