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A Ducky Cure for the Hiccups - a book (hic) wrap

Everybody's had them, even babies can get them... hiccups!  They take your breath away and have you holding your breath to make them subside.  Today's book is all about a man who had hiccups for 68 years and it is based on a true story!  Relax and enjoy ...


Whatta Weird World! : "A Ducky Cure for the Hiccups"


Illustrated by
Melissa Bailey

Unwrapping some great illustrations for you...

About the book...

This is the first book in the Whatta World series, A Ducky Cure for Hiccups.  All the books in the series revolve around crazy but true facts in America: A pig who can multiply; a law saying ducks can't ride on a person's head when crossing the state line (Book 2); how the Teddy Bear got it's name (Book 3), and this first book, Charlie Osborne and his 68-year hiccup problem. Can you even imagine that?  

Amanda Grace is an 8-year-old girl with curly red hair that has a mind all its own and purple glasses that sit on her freckled nose.  She has a pet duck named Samantha, nicknamed Sam, that sits on her head and goes everywhere she goes.  Her stuffed koala bear, named Kwali, hitches a ride and off they go. 

After mom tucks her in one night and says goodnight Amanda gets an itch... an itch for an adventure. The three amigos travel to a magic castle where brilliant coloured, distant roads call them forth. They make a choice to follow the red road and along the way they meet a friendly older man with a cane. He reveals to them that he has had the hiccups for 68 years... Oh my!  Amanda Grace and Sam try their best to conjure up cures to get rid of those pesky, bothersome things but nothing seems to work until Sam comes up with a brilliant idea.  Will it work?  Will Charlie be set free?  The fun surprise twist at the end will have your child giggling I'm sure.

This is a charming children's book and the illustrations are kid-friendly and fun.  It would be perfect for beginning readers as it is broken up into short chapters.  The best thing for me was the fact that there actually was a man named Charlie Osburne who was riddled with this malady for 68 years.  Who knew?  The educational elements that these stories are spun around makes the book even more appealing to parents, teachers and caregivers.  A section at the end of the book entitled, "It's Really True" state the true facts which gives validity to the delightful tale.   I highly recommend this book and this series. Awesome!

 From the Author...

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More about Max Candee...

Max Candee is a dad of three curious kids. He writes books for children together with twelve-year-old Ivan, seven-year-old Naomi and five-year-old Maya, who all share their passionate opinions and creative ideas. They even draw in Max's manuscripts, and they love it when professional illustrators build on their suggestions.
In fact, Max only publishes those books which his children loved and wanted to share with their friends.

About Debra Sanders...

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