Friday, August 12, 2016

Dog in the Fog - a bookwrap


A Dog in the Fog: Sight word fun for beginner readers

Written and illustrated by Tanja Russita

Three fun stories...

Unwrapping some illustrations to give you a flavour of the book... 

Dog in the Fog

Aron and Nora 

Sun. Rain. Wind. Snow.

About the book...

This is a collection of three simple stories.  The first one begins with a happy little dog that is raring to go........

"I am dog.
I run by the bog.
I run by the bog on a good steady log.
But look it's a fog!"

The second story is about a little boy named Aron and his pet fish.  They do all kind of fun things together and enjoy each other's company.  The fish certainly has a personality and joins in with Aron to sing, swim, and not fish (noooooo), just to name a few.

The third story, "Sun. Rain. Snow. Wind.," is a charming story about an elephant who experiences the weather and its variety of temperatures and activity.  His expressions are wonderful and his compassion for those around him shows he is kind and caring.

The vocabulary is simple and the pages are uncluttered... a spot-on recipe for beginner readers to comprehend and learn new vocabulary.  The fun expressive illustrations are pen and ink  drawings and visually depict the word meanings.   The words rhyme, which kids love, and are perfect to start word recognition skills with no pressure... just pure, simple, fun. 

This is an ideal book for toddlers. Both parent and child will enjoy the beginning reading learning experience.

About the author...

Tanja Russita lives in Tromsø, a Norwegian city above the Polar circle. 
Life there is simple, clear and close to nature; somehow funny and challenging too! 
Take a look -- this is reflected in Tanja's books.
She draws and describes her pictures in words both in Russian and English. When she does it in English, she asks her colleague and friend Jim Blyth for proof-reading.
She has an adorable husband and two kids (reminder: update when neccessary) who are, simultaneously, an endless source of inspiration and the black hole eating all the time.

But what else would I need time for? - Tanja is wondering.

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