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Daisy Darling, Let's Read a Story! - a bookwrap

Cutest family portrait ever! 


"Daisy Darling, Let's Read a Story!"

Written and Illustrated by Markus Majaluoma

A Daisy and Daddy Story Book Vol. 11

Ages  5-7
K- 2

So many fantastic illustrations I couldn't decide which to post for you....

The illustrations are so amazing.  The colour pallet, the humour, wit and detail just ooze talent.  The main characters are so endearing to the reader. Each picture begs you to come back again and again to enjoy.  

About the book...

"Here are Daisy and Daddy.
It is already late.
'It's time for a bedtime story,' says Daddy.
'Let's choose a book together!'
'Booky, booky!' cries Daisy."

And the fun begins...

Daisy insists on reading 'The Bear and The Wasp 'and daddy wants  to read a book about cars and other thingamajigs. Can you guess who wins?  

Curled up in her bed, tucked under her daddy's arm, little Daisy snuggles down intent on listening to her chosen story but begins to feel tired and starts to snore... Zzzzzz!  Daddy not noticing his little daughter has drifted off, and heavily into the drama of the story raises his voice and shouts ...

"The bear bellowed horribly,

Daisy gets a fright.
'Who 'tung the nose of the bear?'

Daddy comforts his little audience of one and assures her it is only a naughty wasp and it didn't hurt at all. Daddy continues to read on into the adventure but soon finds it's his turn to snooze.  Daddy with his dramatic rendition of the story has awakened little Daisy's imagination and her response to the story and that nasty wasp!  She uses daddy as the bear and reacts just like a typical little tot might... her antics will have you in stitches.  The amazing illustrations augment her actions and hit it out of the ball park.  Will Daddy lose his temper and his patience with his cute little impish daughter or will all be forgiven and a peaceful night ensure?

Truly a wonderful entertaining book highlighting the strong bond of love between an adorable little girl and her doting, loving father. I highly, highly recommend this book and the whole series.

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About the author/illustrator...

  Markus Majaluoma is a very successful and established Finnish children's author and illustrator with a distinctive, humorous style rendered in subtle colors and detailed artwork. His books have sold more than 70,000 copies in his native Finland, and have been translated into several languages. His strong narratives and illustrations make his books enduring and intelligent books for little ones.

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