Friday, August 26, 2016

Gracie Meets a Ghost - a storywrap

Wear your glasses on your nose.
Keep your glasses in your case.
Give your glasses to your mom.
Or put them in a special place.

Wise words indeed ...  please heed! :-)


"Gracie Meets a Ghost"

Authored and illustrated by Keiko Sena

Unwrapping some illustrations...

About the book...

Gracie, an adorable, near-sighted little bunny has trouble reading the books she loves.  The words are blurry and she finds she needs to buy a pair of glasses to correct her vision.  Although her friends tease her a little, which embarrasses her,  it also makes her a bit proud when getting all that attention.  

She goes with her friends one day up the mountain to pick flowers and dance around.  That night, tired out,  she crawls into her bed goes to remove her glasses and low and behold... they are missing.  Oh my!  Poor Gracie crawls out of bed and heads back up the mountain in the dark of night to try to find them.  She stumbles upon an owl whose eyes look quite similar to her glasses in the dark and then she encounters a tiny mouse in the bushes whose tail resembles her glasses' earpiece.  Ooopsey!  No!! Her blurry eyes are mistaken... not them!   

Gracie then is confronted by a very very bored Ghost that is just waiting to pounce on someone and say.... "BOO!"  Will Gracie be scared out of her wits?  Will Gracie hightail it back home and never ever find her beloved glasses?  I think you will be quite surprised at the comical twist you find at the end of the story.  

The illustrations are colourful, simply drawn, and delightful. I found the whole feeling of the book to be happy and carefree.  I loved the main character Gracie and could identify with her as I
to had to wear glasses too from a very young age.  It's a great book about friendships and helping others out in time of need. I highly recommend it.

About the author...

Keiko Sena was born in Tokyo, Japan, and studied under the well-known printmaker and children's book artist Takeo Takei. She is an illustrator of children’s books as well as in book design and the creation of kamishibai picture-panel stories. She is a member of the Japan Children’s Book Artists Society and received the Sankei Children’s Book Award for her four-volume Iya da iya da no ehon (I Won’t Do It!) series. Her other titles include the An an no ehon (Wah! Wah!) and Okiku naritai (I Want to Grow Up) series, and many more.

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