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Make a Circle with Jennifer Paskow

Songs to uplift, heal, and empower...

'Make A Circle'
Jennifer Paskow

A celebration of love, life and connection
for children and their families


' Make A Circle'

Artist:  Jennifer Paskow
Ages 0-7

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jennifer Paskow found her calling.  She loves to volunteer to perform at hospitals, special ed schools, and benefits for causes she believes in.  Her cause? She truly believes with all her heart that music can uplift, heal, and empower both physically and spiritually.  Jennifer's new album . "Make A Circle", will be released on September 30, 2016.

She inherited some of the heart, soul and passion of the artists of the '60s and '70s.  This mission was born to bring light, love and beauty into the world and introduces children to the idea that learning to love and accept oneself is the first step to loving and accepting others while embracing their differences.

Jennifer greatly admires Raffi's child-honouring philosophy and was inspired by her favourite childhood album, Free to Be...You and Me!  Her objective was to make a recording that would feel like a hug for humanity.  A love theme is woven throughout her music on this album.

About Jennifer...

Jennifer is a trained music therapist and children's yoga teacher and has been an exponent of healing since she was a child.  When not recording or performing publicly, she can be found teaching yoga to kids living in shelters and sharing her music with hospitalized children and their families as a volunteer with the acclaimed organization  The Art of Elysiuim.  In her own words Jennifer states:

"Singing for kids in the hospital is a real highlight for me.  I always walk away feeling joyfully inspired and rooted in my purpose.  I've been doing community service since I was nine years old, and the ideas of giving back and supporting my community are deeply ingrained in my being.  I believe in the interconnectedness of all life and that, as we give, we are receiving."

Jennifer particiapted in Jack Hardy's songwriting circle in Greenwich Village, recorded her debut CD, Somewhere to Rest My Head, with respected NY indie rock prouducer Teddy Kumpel and the Gilded Lilies' song "So Long and Farwell" won "Best in Category" in the West Coast Songwriters' Competition, just to name a few of her accomplishments.

You can find out more about Jennifer on her website:


Make A Circle Track List

Make A Circle
The I Love You Song
On The Inside
I Am
Listen To Your Heart
I Am A Tree
Celebrate This Day
This Little Light Of Mine
Hello Moon
Long Time Sun
The I Love You Song (acoustic)

Runtime: 32 minutes

Available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby

Personally I loved the whole experience of the album.  It makes you feel warm, loved and accepted after listening to it and....  connected to something bigger than yourself, enabling you to turn to others and share that awesome feeling.  Let the hugfests begin.......our world is in need of a group hug indeed.  I highly recommend it.  


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