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Oki and Harlo - a bookwrap

With all the chaos and confusion in our world today everyone is in dire need of a heartwarming fairytale.  The sweet adorable characters in this book will steal your heart away. Your compassion  level will rise and have you cheering the two cuties on to a thunderous victory. This fairytale has a ... "and they lived happily ever after ending".... just what we need to hear these days right?  :-)


Oki and Harlo

(fairytale friends)

created by Cas Mesterom

Ages 6-10+

A unique feature?  Draw your own illustrations...

Unwrapping the book...

This charming ebook, Oki and Harlo, fairytale friends, was tested in a grade four class in Florida last fall and received raving reviews from the students.  

This is the first draw-freely ebook of its kind encouraging the reader to be part of the creative process of actually making a book.  Each free draw page gives clear instuctions as to what the subject of the artwork should be and once it's completed what next step should occur.   The personalized pictures can be published on the OkiandHarlo twitterfeed and on their Instagram account!  How cool is that?

Oki is a an orphaned little goat. One  star-studded evening he misses his mom more than usual.  He lays down under a tree that the two used to cuddle under and he falls fast asleep.  He awakens to find a shooting star has landed in some hay very close to him.  Curiosity overtakes him and Oki cautiously inches over to meet this new strange phenomenon.  They immediately strike up a lasting friendship and together make a pact to find Oki's mother.  

The duo meet many amazing characters along the way: wise old Mr. Owl, who keeps a close watch over them,  Mr. and Mrs. Sheep, who tenderly had nurtured Oki through the long, lonely winter,  and Ellie and her family, who desire so much to care for him, but find out Oki has his mind and heart set on finding his momma, just to name a few.  

"Oki and Harlo, fairytale friends," is written with a message for both the young and old.  It is fun to read aloud and fun for children who are discovering the world of reading and imagination. Deep inside we all long for fairytales to transport us into the world of make-believe and wonder... before we have to return to the present and confront reality once again.   I recommend this book. 

About the author...

My name is Cas Mesterom and I am a Dutch-born writer, poet, model and actor. Although Dutch is my native language, I prefer to write in English as I find the English language more poetic.Having said that, I did write the original of Oki and Harlo, fairytale friends in 1999 in Dutch, but translated it last year and wrote a new ending to the story. The original had a darker conclusion, as fairytales can be dark, but in the current world [of war], I wanted to write an uplifting story about friendship. Basically, why could a goat not be friends with a shooting star?
I wanted to create a world where children can safely go and learn about making friends, being honest and believing in dreams. As well as healthy eating and the real purpose of rainbows!

I write with a message but never preachy. My goal is to entertain and to hope that each of one us can take away something from my writings. As I learn from others, I hope to inspire other people as well. I believe we are all one. Oki and Harlo believe it!

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