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The Queen Is Coming to Tea - a bookwrap

Everyone loves a grand tea party!  Fancy tea cups, dainty bites of sweets, sugar cubes added by silver tongs or lemon to your taste, and of course when you take your first sip.... it's "Pinky up"!  This delightful book will be just your cup of tea!  


"The Queen Is Coming to Tea"

Authored by Linda Ravin Lodding
Illustrated by Constanze von Kitzing
Agest 4-8

Unwrapping some beautiful illustrations to 

About the book...

This charming book will ignite your child's imagination and have her joining in a smashing good day as Ellie and her best friend Langley prepare to host a tea party for the Queen. The Queen's footman brings a formal request from the Queen herself to see if she could attend afternoon tea with Ellie and company.  Does Ellie accept?  Of course!!! But then she has to put on her thinking cap as the planning begins....

Ellie and Langley fly to Paris, France to purchase the best cream cake ever baked at La Patisserie.  She is delighted with the cake and and the Chef agrees it is, "Très delicious! She brings both the cake and the Chef back for the party.  Then it's on to China to visit Ming for the finest tea in the world (Ming escorts her back), then on to Amalfi Coast, Italy for "limonis". These fresh picked lemons  are perfect to serve to her majesty, the Queen.  Luigi tags along back to the party with Ellie too.   Of course she needs suitable clothing for the occasion so a quick trip to New York is required to Miss Twinkle's dressing room of ballet where she finds the "Fluffiest, fanciest, and frilliest tutu" on the planet to wear to the party. Guess who accompanies her back... yes, you are right...Miss Twinkle-toes herself?  Each time she collects someone new to bring back to enjoy the party with her and her royal guest.

After telling the doorman that the tea will be served at 2:00 her excited group of friends get busy decorating her bedroom with flowers, finest china, ribbons, that scrumptious cake, a fancy teapot and cups and those fresh-scented lemons. While they prepare they sip the tea, nibble the sweets, dance, play, giggle and prance so much that they become exhausted, curl up in a pile and fall sound asleep.  Oh my! The food is all gobbled up, the room is in disarray and everyone is snoring when suddenly Ellie hears the Queen herself knocking at the door. 

What will happen when the Queen enters her room?  Will the Queen be upset at what she finds awaiting her?  You will love how Ellie handles the dilemma and the fun twist at the end of the story... end of the story maybe.... but never ever the end of Ellie's unlimited imagination.  

The illustrations are so vibrant and I love the girly colour palette. They are expressive and just plain fun fitting the narrative of the text perfectly.  

About the author...

Linda Ravin Lodding is the author of "The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister" (illustrated by Suzanne Beaky, Flashlight Press, 2011), "Hold That Thought, Milton!" (illustrated by Ross Collins; Parragon Books) and "A Gift for Mama" (illustrated by Alison Jay; Knopf Books for Young Readers). 

Linda is originally from New York, but has spent the past 15 years in Austria, The Netherlands and now Sweden. Today she lives in Uppsala with her wonderful husband and daughter (who is, at times, as busy as Ernestine) and their sometimes-dog Nino (who speaks Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and a smattering of English). 

About the illustrator...

Early beginnings: how I became a children's book illustrator

At the age of 6 I decided to become a children's book illustrator. This decision was undoubtedly inspired by my parent's evening picture book reading sessions to me and my five younger siblings and so I started my illustration career with countless images of princesses and horses.

Today, my works have been awarded and published in many different countries, like Australia, China, Germany, Greece, France, Mexico, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, UK, USA and I enjoy teaching illustration techniques at WAM media academy in Dortmund. I live in Cologne with my husband and our two small kids, who are providing me with tons of new ideas, so stay tuned!

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