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Project Droid #2 : Soccer Shocker! - a bookwrap

This is the second book in this wonderful "Project Droid" series  from the internationally bestselling children's book queen Nancy Krulik, her daughter Amanda Burwasserl, and verteran illustrator Mike Moran.

These sweet and charming chapter books follow Logan Applebaum, a normal young boy, whose inventor mother informs him that she has created a cousin robot, Java, just for him.  

The book is delightful and Java will be held in high regards as robots are becoming ever popular in our culture and will win the hearts of all his readers for sure.

The book is available in trade paperback, hardcover, and eBook. A third volume in the series will be launched on March 2017.  


"Soccer Shocker!"

Authors:  Nancy Krulik and Amanda Burwasser
Illustrator:  Mike Moran
Ages: 7-9

Unwrapping some illustrations to enjoy...

About the book...

Logan is shocked when he gets the news from his mom that she signed his robotic cousin up for soccer.... on his team!  He can't believe it! He has to live with his cousin at home, go to school with him, and now accept him onto his soccer team!  Oh my!  He needs a break from this guy! 

Yet a part of him sees that maybe this could be beneficial to his team, The Purple Wombats. They may be able to obtain a victory with such a skilled, programmed player added to his team.  That  also means that Java is great at scoring... mmmmm.... thinking.... so who could say no that!  It would be very sweet to defeat those arrogant twins, Sherry and Jerry Silverspoon and their Red Polar Bears who win the championship every year.  Mmmmmm.... thinking..... yes let the games begin!

The Silversoon twins play a dirty trick on Logan's team causing the team's demise and the only player that can save the day is... you guessed it... Java.  Well that was the last straw for cousin Logan. He  has had quite enough of his showoff cousin and all the praises he gets from everyone around him. 

Java short-circuits because of a dousing of water (from the toilet no less)  and is incapacitated until his new battery arrives leaving the team in neutral gear.  How will Logan's team win now with their star player on the fritz?   Can the team manage to come together, play together and actually win?  A wonderful heartwarming story about teamwork, relationship building and not always having to be first.  

A fun add-on at the end of the book instructs you how to make a super soccer ball lantern to to hang from your ceiling.  Clever and crafty is always a good thing.  I highly recommend this book.  

About the authors and the illustrator...

Nancy Krulik is the author of more than two hundred books for children and young adults including three New York times bestsellers and the popular Katie Kazoo, Switcher; George Brown, Class Clown; and Magic Bone Series.  She lives in New York City with her husband and crazy beagle mix.

Amanda Burawasser holds a BFA with donors in Creative Writing from Pratt Institute in New York City.  Her senior thesis, a screenplay entitled Born to Me, earned her the coveted Pratt Circle Award upon graduation.  This former native New Yorker is now a preschool teacher living in Santa Rosa, California.

Mike Moran (illustrator) is a dad, husband, and illustrator.  He has worked for really fun clients, and his illustrations can be seen in children's books, animation, magazines, games, World Series programs, and more.  He often dream of playing first base for the New York Mets, being a songwriter in Nashville, or the fifth Beatle. He lives in Florham Park, New Jersey.

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