Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dalmation in a Digger - a bookwrap

What little boy or girl does not love the excitement and activity of oversized, noisy construction machinery as they busily dig holes, dump piles of dirt and roar up and down the contraction site.  Kids love the power and the spectacle of the mighty machines that are super-sized compared to the tiny replicas they play with in their sandboxes.  


"Dalmation in a Digger"
Created by Rebecca Elliott
Ages 4-7

Unwrapping some adorable illustrations for you to explore...

About the book...

This delightful little book is just perfect for those little ones who love diggers and dumpers and all the loud sounds and activity that big machines produce.  

A loveable little dog with his tiny mouse friend wake up one morning and hear loud booming sounds that peek their curiosity.  When they look out their bedroom window they discover the source of those sounds. Goodness me... it's a dalmatian in a digger.  It is scooping and depositing huge piles of dirt right outside their house.  They are enthralled and they just have to go out and take a closer look.

Along comes a camel in a crane who starts to lift and move heavy logs from place to place.  A duck in a dump truck appears next and then a bear in a bulldozer of all things!  Oh my!!! What possibly could be going on outside right under their noses?  

Every time the little dog pledges his love for each new arrival.  "I love diggers."  "I love cranes." "I love bulldozers,"  just to name a few.  

All the machines collectively work together focused on what their machine can contribute to the project and what is needed for their jobs to be completed successfully.  I wonder what they could be building?  And for who?  I think you will be very happy at the end result of their labour and the adorable little dog and his sweet friend even more so. 

The illustrations are colourful and full of activity and charm.  Alliteration is used effectively and imagination reigns on each page.  I love the book and highly recommend it.

About the author/illustrator...

A school project of mine from the age of 6 has in it the line, "When I grow up I want to be a writer and an artist", clearly a precocious little what-not but still, if nothing else it proves that when I've made a decision I really can't be bothered to change it. Since then, apart from a degree in philosophy and a brief stint in a dull office, not a lot has changed. I still love eating angel delight, watching disney films, daydreaming and playing with Sylvanian Families, and I still love writing and drawing.
I just can't quite believe I have been so lucky as to be able to make my living through making up stories. I mean, seriously, how cool is that?

When I'm not story-making I'm reading, trying to teach myself how to sew, singing, making something (normally a mess), at the movies, or enjoying my garden in sunny Suffolk in the UK with my husband Matthew, a history teacher,  our gorgeous children and our rather stupid cat, Bernard.

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