Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Day with Dogs - a storywrap


Authored and illustrated by
Dorothée de Monfreid

Ages: 2-5
Origin:  France

Unwrapping some delightful illustrations...


"If the Marx Brothers had been nine dogs instead of five men, they might've put together a skit like the one featured in this droll story...deliver(s) laughs with every page turn."  - Publishers Weekly

"50 Best Books for Kids 2015"  - New Zealand Listener

"Dorothée de Monfried has created a cosmopolitan range of very distinctive dog types, but their behaviour will be very recognizable to young human readers"  - The Source

"Like the 'Big Books' by Ole Könnecke, this book is perfect to share and appeals across a wide range.  In the Gecko Press office we find these dogs irresistible-they are full of character" - Julia Marshall, Publisher

About the book...

This book is truly amazing from beginning to end.  It is very similar in style to Richard Scarry books, teaming with characters and packed with activity and "life."  The rich, playful, kid-friendly scenes will have your child coming back again and again to join in the visual and textual fun that this gifted author/illustrator has imprinted there.  

The book includes funny conversations and vignettes alongside descriptive illustrations that your child will truly love.  It contains everything that a toddler needs to build up new vocabulary and his early reading skills.  I love the fact that the author uses labelling as a teaching tool for your child to match a written word to an oral one. Smart. It is always a perfect learning technique to introduce a child very early on in life that verbal words can indeed be expressed in a written form.  The more the child sees the word he will begin to recognize it when he bumps into other places in his world.   

The author uses every aspect of life that a toddler needs and creativity presents it through the eyes and lives of nine funny, adorable, personable dogs.  This single book holds everything a young child requires to learn about colours, numbers, emotion, and getting dressed, just to name a few.  It features the same loveable dog characters as 'Shhh! I'm Sleeping', a previous book by this  author and illustrator.

Nine dogs are immersed in life and through them your child can learn about seasons, colours, foods, town and country, flowers, school and work, the identity and characteritics of each canine starring in the tale, and much more.

"A Day with Dogs" is fantastic from cover-to-cover and I KNOW your child will feel the same way.  It's a perfect book to share together or for your child to read solo.  It will have him revisiting  the book often to soak in the busyness and joy that is embedded in each page.  I highly, highly recommend it and I give it 5+ Storywraps hugs. It's a winner.

About the author/illustrator...

Dorothée de Monfreid was born in France in 1973. She worked as a graphic designer before beginning to write and illustrate children’s books. She has published dozens of children’s books and also draws and writes comics. Her chlidren’s musical show Super Sauvage has been performed throughout France and she is also an accomplished ukulele player. Dorothée lives and works in Paris.

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