Friday, October 7, 2016

Mom Goes for a Walk - a bookwrap

Today's book is a delightful tale of reverse parenting.  The little girl in the story steps in and accompanies her mom on daily walks. The responsible little girl takes charge and guides her carefree mom on their walks.  She looks out for her mom's welfare and safety every step of the way. 


"Mom Goes For A Walk"

Authored and illustrated by Tanja Russita 

Unwrapping some great illustrations for you...

About the author/illustrator...

I am Tanja and I live in Tromsø.
Life here is simple, clear, fair and close to nature. Somehow funny and challenging, too. Hopefully it is reflected in my books.
I have an adorable husband and two kids (reminder: update when necessary), who are endless source of inspiration. And, simultaneously, the black hole eating my time. But what else would I need time for?
I draw and describe my pictures in words if needed - that's what I call "writing".
Mostly I do it in Russian, when I feel I need to do it in English, I ask for help to proof-read (that might be called improve-reading as well).
(This text wasn't proofread, so I am the one fully responsible for it).
I am always happy to get new illustration projects.
Please contact me if you have any and think my illustrations will fit.

About the book...

This charming book is about a little girl who explains to the reader about the walks she takes with her mom.  

"What does mom do during our walk?"

Well she does a whole lot of things: reads, draws, knits, sun tans when she can, whines when it rains,  plays in the sand if she finds a sandbox and explores the micro world around her up close and engaged, just to name a few.  

"And what am I doing?"

 Well I take very good care of my darling mom.  I make sure my mom is supervised at all times, is getting enough fresh air into her lungs and is learning to play with other moms in the neighbourhood. It's not an easy task I can assure you. Whew! 

  Exhausted from her reverse-parental duties the young girl realizes it's almost the weekend and that's when she focuses on the well-being of her indoor, computer-loving dad.  His turn next!  Oh my!  Being a responsible kid can sure take a toll on you but her beloved parents are so worth the effort!  

I love the idea that the little girl is in tune with her parents needs and health and is so willing to be there for them and help them out.  The illustrations are simple, uncluttered and yet so expressive.  They perfectly enrich the text.  I highly recommend this book.  

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