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"Home-alone Kitten" - a bookwrap

"Tiger Tales is an independent publisher of imaginative picture and novelty books for children seven and younger. Whether the story is funny, whimsical, sweet, or sensitive, Tiger Tales books are designed to entertain and educate."

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Created by Tina Nola

Ages 6-10

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to peek at...

About the book...

This delightful book brings awareness to the plight of many animals that are abandoned, lost, or neglected in our world.  "Animal Magic" provides rescue, care and temporary shelter for unfortunate animals who are in need of nurturing and a chance to be re-homed.  

"Animal Magic's" mission is to see that animals are healthy, happy and loved.  Ella and Caleb Harrison who reside at the centre along with their parents are involved every day in that process.  The family realizes the number of animals in their care is increasing so they devise a plan, an anniversary celebration, to raise awareness of these forgotten animals and hopefully in doing so the animals will find a loving home to be adopted into.  

They recruit soccer star Jake Adams to come on board knowing his presence will draw a bigger crowd and the event will be a huge success.  For some strange reason, that nobody can fathom, Jake cancels his appearance at the last minute and the siblings, feeling let down and abandoned themselves in their time of need, set out to find why he is a no-show.

When the kids arrive at Jake's mansion they find his adopted kitten, Charlie, outside all by himself, locked out of the house and meowing helplessly on the doorstep.  Oh my!  What in the world could be going on? 

Will the kids find out the truth of the disappearance of Jake?  And why is his beloved kitten roaming around outside unsupervised, hungry and scared?  There are many twists and turns in the mystery of Jake's vanishing but the truth finally is revealed. But is it too late to help out those poor pets that need a home? Have they been deserted once again?  I know you will enjoy the book and the sketches add a lot of interest and richness to the narrative. The message is positive and educational.  Written as a chapter book I know that kid's will respond well to the message and who knows?  They may go out with their family and adopt a pet too.  

About the author...

Tina Nolan is the pen name of Jenny Oldfield, creator of HOME FARM TWINS and contributor to the ANIMAL ARK series. She has written numerous best-selling books for children, and has a love and knowledge of animals that makes her the perfect author for ANIMAL RESCUE! Jenny lives in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

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