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Positively Different - a bookwrap

Inspiring kids to find strength in being unique!


"Rosie and Friends Positively Different"

Authored by Helen Hipp and Illustrated by Taryn Cozzy

Unwrapping some reviews...

"Positively Wonderful! Rosie & Friends are delightful." - J. P., Vermont

"Self-esteem and self-confidence are timeless issues that every person, child and adult alike, struggle with at some point.  Rosie puts things into perceptive!"  R.S., Vermont

"It is a doing and feeling book, rather a "story" book which feels very right for the parent of small children.  The content in the back that asks questions about feelings, thinking and being is an invitation for parents to invite their children into long, fruitful discussions about their budding "selves". - K. Anne Wilson - Family Peer Specialist, New York State 

Some wonderful illustrations to unwrap for you...

About the book...

Rosie certainly is a unique hippopotamus.  She stands out from the rest of her pod because you see Rosie is....  PINK!  

"What if there was only one way of doing things?  
Would every single hippo be doing the same thing the same way?  Rosie asks herself.  "What if I could no longer see or experience differences.  How would I learn?"
Rosie cannot imagine wanting to live in a world like that!"

Rosie sees her life as positively different and the perfect reason to celebrate those differences.  All the other animals want to know why celebrating your differences is so important?  They press in close to hear her wise answer.  

"Celebrating your differences is important because differences encourage us to explore new places, people and things.  They play a part in making the world an interesting and more colourful place."

She goes on to say that accepting yourself just as you are makes you feel very happy inside.  It's alright to look, to see and to do things differently than others.  How others perceive you depends a lot on how you see yourself.  The author includes a song, "Celebrating My Differences" that once launched into the universe will unleash happiness both inside and out.  

This is the author's second book featuring Rosie the Pink Hippo.  It was inspired by a once in a life-time trip led by her father to Africa with her 14-year old special needs son Ray.  She has created a very effective way to teach children the value of seeing things as they appear compared to how they really are.  She presents the issue of being different than other children in a way that children can relate to and understand - how to find happiness in spite of the challenges everyone faces.  This book is a catalyst to initiate and stimulate conversations about the uniqueness of being YOU!  

About the author...

Helen Hipp is the mother of a special needs child on the autistic spectrum. Throughout her son’s life, she dealt with not only his life challenges, but the challenges a parent goes through to get social services in place, and an education at public school where special education children are the minority.

Helen Hipp’s experience raising a special needs child led her to an M.A. in clinical psychology and certification as a life coach. She wrote A Different Kind of Safari as a teaching tool for her adult and younger aged clients. Helen Hipp can be reached at (802) 899-2128 for interviews.

About the illustrator...

I grew up watching movies, lots of movies. Especially of the animated variety. I used to trace the cartoons off of birthday cards and spent all my time in kindergarten at the art table. I've been an art freak pretty much since birth. Skipping past middle and high school (where I was obviously head of art club because I'm a super art freak), I went on to attend New Hamphire Institute of Art and got my super awesome BFA in Illustration. I would love, love, LOVE to get into character design, animation, concept art, and illustrating children's books - I want it all.

​I've already collaborated with an author in making a children's book, been asked to do many logos, banners, postcards, and advertisements both traditionally and digitally in my community, and got to work with some pretty amazing people to do tour posters for Circus Smirkus. But that's just the start - I plan to do a lot more. For now I spend my days doing caricatures at Universal Studios with a little freelance on the side. I've lived in Vermont, Colorado, and now Florida. Don't worry, I still watch a ton of movies.

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