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Marty and the Christmas Eve Surprise - a bookwrap

Featuring today ... a Christmas book. It's never too early to highlight books for upcoming holidays.  If you are out and about browsing around bookstores or online shopping and you bump into one of my recommendations you will be prepared to load up for that special day.  Books are the gifts that keep on giving.  Enjoy!


Authored by Sharon Durgin 
Illustrated by Joan Coleman

Ages 3-6

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you to peek at...

About the book...

This charming little mouse, named Marty, oversees the family's comings and going from his perch on top of the tall grandfather clock in the front hallway.  He loves all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and eagerly looks forward to all the decorations (which are his old friends by the way) being unpacked to adorn his house with the magic of Christmas.   An extra special treat awaits everyone this year ...

"Santa is coming! Every Christmas Santa picks one special house to take a break in and this year Santa is taking a break in our house. And that means that this very special year, we get to perform our Christmas Eve Show for Santa!"

Oh boy, everyone is so excited and they immediately start preparing for the big Christmas Eve Extravaganza. All preparations must take place at night as that is when the family is sound asleep and the performers will not be discovered.  Even the two housecats, Emma and Leo are ecstatic. They help out by keeping out of the way of all the rehearsals. 

On the day of the show a very strange thing happens...many of the performers are missing their props (ballerina slippers gone, All-Angel Choirs wings missing, instruments disappeared, saches belonging to the Bear Brigade, nowhere to be found and the drill team's rifes....poof...just vanished into thin air.  Oh my!! What are they to do?  

Can these essential items be retrieved?  Who in the world could have sabotaged them and done this dastardly deed?  Will the show have to be cancelled disappointing Santa and shaming the troupe?  

This delightful book will resolve the mystery and then not only Santa Claus but YOU too can enjoy the festivities that Marty and his friends have prepared for that special Christmas Eve treat.

The artwork is beautifully executed and draws the reader into the narrative.  This sweet story is just perfect for a "night before Christmas" read.  

About the author...

Sharon E. Durgin is a designer in the engineering business and an active member of Toastmasters International. With her love of the spoken and written word she has created Marty and the Christmas Eve Surprise. This is her first book, and she looks forward to
publishing more stories of Marty’s life. Sharon has two adult children and lives and worksin Greenville, South Carolina.

About the illustrator...

Joan Coleman, an avid artist since childhood and a prolific professional artist for nearly 10 years, specializes in creating beautiful fashion-forward artwork for a variety of wonderful clients all over the world. Her trendy designs lend themselves well to home décor, apparel, and related merchandise and products. She is also a talented and versatile children's book illustrator having had the opportunity to work with several accomplished authors and publishers. Joan utilizes a wide variety of art techniques and mediums including acrylic paints, oil pastels, graphites, colored pencils, watercolors, inks, and digital design techniques to create her artwork and designs. She is known for her versatility and tenacious design strategy while simultaneously bridging the artistic gap between tradition and technology. Additionally, Joan enjoys photography, interior design, music, crafting, and has recently taken a zealous interest into the world of pastry and cake decorating; Keebler elves beware!

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