Saturday, October 15, 2016

Who Goes to School? - a bookwrap

Today's featured book is "A Beginning-to-Read" book.  It contains common sight words your child can learn that will provide him/her with multiple exposures to the words appearing most frequently in written text.  The bold, colourful illustrations are engaging and interesting and enrich the words presented.


"Who Goes to School?" 

Created by Margaret Hillert and Illustrated by Viki Woodworth

Unwrapping some illustrations for you ... 

About the book...

This book gives you insight as to how a variety of animals train and learn so they can work in different capacities to make the world a better and safer place.  

The wonderful expressive illustrations and simple text showcase who goes to school and why.  The book zooms in on an obedience school for dogs, canine units being educated to help police officers in their jobs, rescue dogs - such as St. Bernards who find injured victims of accidents in dangerous, snowy terrain, and seeing-eye dogs who are faithful companions to the blind ... just to name a few. 

Who else goes to school?  Why kids of course.  It reinforces the message that school is a very fun place to be.

The back of the book is all about "Reading Reinforcement."  This section gives great reading activities and comprehension questions. It also gives you tips on how to use this book most effectively to enhance your child's reading skills:

*Read the story to your child first
*Let him/her read the familiar words
*Soon they will read independently 
* All along the way use lots of praise to build up self-confidence
*Discuss the pictures with your child
*Have your child make connections with what is going on in the      story and their own life
*Most importantly ...  relax, have fun and enjoy! 

About the author...

Margaret Hillert has helped millions of children all over the world learn to read independently.  She was a first grade teacher for 34 years and during that time started writing books that her students could both gain confidence in reading and enjoy. She wrote well over 100 books for children just learning to read.  As a child, she enjoyed writing poetry and continued her poetic writings as an adult for both children and adults. 

About the illustrator...

Viki Woodworth is an artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in many books for children along with educational materials, magazines and activity books.  Her fun, whimsical art style has entertained and charmed children for many years.  She lives with her husband in the Midwest.

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Read on and read always! 

It's a wrap.

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