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The Kraken's Rules For Making Friends - a bookwrap

According to Wikipedia:

noun: kraken; plural noun: krakens
1 an enormous mythical sea monster said to appear off the coast of Norway.


"The Kraken's Rules For Making Friends"

Authored and Illustrated by Brittany R. Jacobs
Ages 4-8

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

About the book...

      Poor Kraken is sad and lonely... he desperately wants a friend.  How can that happen when all the other fish in his underwater world are scared to death of him.  He tries to be friendly but as soon as he gets close to the other fish they scream and swim away for their very lives.  

     Then the lightbulb illuminates and Kraken gets a brilliant idea.  He decides to be somebody else other than the loser he thinks he is.  He quickly knits himself a koi costume.  There, that should fool the other fish.  They all seem to like the koi clan.  Maybe if he can pretend to be a Koi clone the other fish just might like to get to know him now. Will his plan work?  He gives it a try...

      The Manta Ray is on to him right away but it's the Tuna that blows his idea right out of the water!  

     "Something smells fishy...  He's a Kraken!!! and they all flee for their lives!" 

      Oh my...  marooned Kraken is totally heartbroken and despondent - he's a failure indeed- his plan fails.  

      He so wants a friend that he can hang out with.  He tunes into the fact that even the scary Great White Shark is popular.  If Shark has friends then why can't he?  He finally gains enough confidence to go and ask for the Great White's opinion on the matter.  He needs advice as to how he can start fishing for some new friends and reel them in. 

     "Excuse me, Shark," said the Kraken. "How do you get all those fish to like you? I mean, you're a shark!" "How does a Kraken  make friends?  I'm tired of being all alone."

      The Shark is happy to provide the Kraken with some RULES FOR MAKING FRIENDS.  Talk is cheap we all know so  Kraken has to implement these rules, puts them the test, and see if they will they deliver a huge catch for him?  Do you think they will work for him? 

     This fun book is full of wisdom and good old fashion etiquette.  These rules when put into action will net you a huge haul.  

About the author...

      What started out as a childhood passion for reading has developed into the storytelling and art of Brittany R. Jacobs. A self-taught artist and avid traveler, Jacobs is influenced by the people and places she explores. Originally from Chicago, she now lives in Philadelphia with her family.

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