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Animals Do, Too! - a bookwrap

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The animal world is so intriguing.  Join me today as I feature this wonderful, informative book about animal behaviour.  I am positive you will love sharing this book with your little ones.


"Animals Do, Too!"
How They Behave Just Like you

Authored  by Etta Kaner and Illustrated by Marilyn Faucher

Ages 3-8

Amazing illustrations for you to discover...

About the book...

This book is very informative and the illustrations are perfect.  In this fun and engaging tale the reader discovers how similar humans and animals act.  Kids will delight in the similarities thus appreciating the wonders of the animal world. 

What seems to be animals engaging in playtime turns out to be animals foraging for their daily food, building strength and agility in their bodies, and taking care of their babies.  I personally learned a lot of interesting facts and had some "who knew?" moments.  

The author talks about honeybees dancing, gazelles playing tag, and gray tree frogs making bubble nests to lay their eggs.  My two favourites were the gray tree frogs and the leaf-cutter ants. 

The tiny frogs make bubble nests above water in trees of all places.  The female produces a sticky liquid and then kicks at the liquid pushing air into it thus forming air bubbles.  The female lays her eggs and after a few days the tadpoles hatch and drop into the water below the nest where they grow into frogs.  Who knew? How cool is that?

My other most favourite is the leaf-cutter ant.  These tropical insects work together to grow their food for their ant colony. They carry freshly cut leaf pieces to their underground nest and lick the leaves then cut them into smaller pieces.  The ants chew these pieces into mush then they plant it in their nest.  This mush helps grow a white fungus (like mushrooms) that the ants eat.  Who knew? Awesome!!  Ant chefs!!

At the end the author has listed more interesting facts about the animals she has included in her book.  It is a wonderful picture book from cover to cover and I highly recommend it.  I am sure reading it will give your child (and you) a much greater appreciation for the creatures that live in our magical animal kingdom.  I know it worked for me.

Storywraps rating:  5 Hugs + !!!!!

About the author...

Etta Kaner writes for both children and educators. Many of them have been translated into other languages. A number of her books have won awards, including the OLA Silver Birch Award. Many of her books have been inspired by the students she teaches. Etta loves to interview experts in fields with which she is unfamiliar. She tries to choose information that will make her readers say "wow" when they read it. When she’s not writing or teaching, Etta loves to spend time with her husband and two grown daughters, garden, read books, dance, explore new places, go to live theatre and cook for company – but not all at the same time!. She does all of these activities in Toronto, Canada.

About the illustrator...

Marilyn Faucher is an illustrator and graphic designer.  Her vibrant, sensitive illustrations are inspired by nature, animals, food and bicycle adventures.  when she isn't drawing, she loves to dance (like a honeybee). She lives in Montreal, Quebec. 

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