Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Spies in Diguise - Boy in a Tutu - a storywrap

For this boy spy the only way to stop a crime is by wearing pink and using glitter...  OH MY!!!


Created by Kate Scott

Ages 7-10

Paperback or ebook format

Unwrapping some very simple illustrations...

About the book...

This is the second in a new chapter book series.  It is full of age-appropriate humour and the main character  echoes a strong male voice and offers lots of havoc.  It would be a perfect book for reluctant readers and those bitten by the spy-bug.  Kids will love the twists and turns in the plot as the mystery is trying to be solved.

Joe must transform into Josie to keep his family safe from danger. He reluctantly dons dresses and wigs to perform his new role as a girl.  His best friend Sam, (who is a girl) knows his hidden secret and plays along with his act.  Together under the tutelage of Joe's professional spy parents learn how to become competent junior spies themselves.  Joe has the daunting task of trying to prove his worth and capabilities to his parents as they offer him a mission which includes Sam as his sidekick.

Sam proves to be more than his assistant and on many occasions she outshines his spying abilities which greatly disturbs Joe. It gets so bad that they decide to part company and work solo. They come to the conclusion that their mission is so important that they must put their personal differences aside and support each other in order to track down the potential thief of a soccer memorabilia exhibit at the local community centre.  To add insult to injury they must disguise themselves as ballerina's to solve the crime.  

Joe's parents get word from HQ that an enemy spy is closing in on them so Joe and Sam must prove once and for all to their parents, to HQs, and to themselves that they are worthy of becoming top notch junior spies.

About the author...

Kate Scott is a published poet, TV scriptwriter and children’s author. She has written commissioned fiction and non-fiction for Hodder, HarperCollins, Pearson and Oxford University Press. She is the author of the Spies in Disguise series published by Piccadilly Press (Boy in Tights published in 2013, Boy in a Tutu forthcoming in 2014). She has also worked as an editor and a creative writing tutor.

Kate was born in London.  She has lived in many different jobs, but now she makes up stories - the best job in the world - lives in Dorset, England, with her husband and two children.

Storywraps rating:  4 Hugs!!!!

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