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Different? Same! - a bookwrap


"Different? Same!"

Authored by Heather Tekavec
Illustrated by Pippa Curnick

Unwrapping some illustrations to enjoy...

About the book...

Kids will go back again and again to thumb through this book I am sure.  Why?  It's challenging, educational and delightfully fun.  The author has taken groups of animals and points out both their differences and similarities within that group. 

My all-time favourite is: 

"A walrus is blubbery, an elephant is wrinkly, a warthog is bristly, a narwhal is smooth .... but .... if you look closer now... We all have TUSKS! "

The author takes four seemingly very different animals, that do four completely different things, and finds that one commonality that links them all together.  How entertaining and enjoyable is that?  She highlights creatures with whiskers, horns, wings, manes, and shells just to name a few.

Kids will become detectives, closely observe the illustrations, then try to solve what is familiar to the whole group.  The book is both engaging and interactive, very similar to an "I Spy" book or game. 

In the last pages all the animals are featured and the reader must search for those with characteristics that are not already mentioned in the text.  The illustrations are expressive, action-packed and educational because the animals are presented in their proper habitat showcasing what they do best... being themselves.

This wonderful book includes a glossary that may spark further research and conversations about the interesting creatures that we find in the world around us.  

About the author...

Heather Tekavec was born in Manitoba, Canada, but moved at a young age to British Columbia. After graduation, she returned to Manitoba for two years where she got her certificate in Christian Education, then completed her Early Childhood Education in Vancouver, BC. The preschool classroom is where Heather developed a love for children’s books.
After taking a writing course through the Institute of Children’s Literature, Heather started her writing career with curriculum-based articles for preschool teachers. In 2002, she published her first picture book, Storm is Coming! A follow-up to it, What’s that Awful Smell? came two years later. Both books, published by Dial Books for Young Readers, were selected as IRA-CBC Children’s Choices. Book club and audio rights to the first have recently been bought by Scholastic. She has also written for older children, including her first YA Novel, The Cost of Passage (Herald Press 2004), and short stories for various magazines.
Heather lives with her husband, her three daughters, and a pet rabbit in Langley, BC. She now works full time at home, but stays connected with children by teaching her daughter’s girl’s club and visiting schools to do author talks.

About the illustrator...

I grew up in rural Essex, UK, and spent most of my childhood climbing trees, jumping over ditches and daydreaming in my treehouse.

I studied at Camberwell College of Art before graduating from the University of Derby with a First Class degree in illustration.

Children's illustration and typography design are amongst my main interests. I draw my inspiration from long walks in the woods, and can often be found scribbling ideas in my sketchbook.

From 2012-2014 I worked as a Designer for Alison Green Books, surrounded by lovely people and equally lovely books.

I now work predominantly as an illustrator, but am also available as a freelance designer. I also enjoy puppet and model making.

I currently live in Derbyshire with my partner, Ben, our little boy, Roux, and an ever-expanding menagerie of pets.

I am represented by Claire at Holroyde Cartey

Illustration Clients include: Oxford University Press, Jumping Jack Press (Up With Paper)  Frances Lincoln,
Lonely Planet Kids, Crocodile Creek, Symmetry, David Gibb, and Storytime Magazine.

Design clients include: Alison Green Books, Scholastic Children's Books & Patchwork Owl Photography.

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